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HomePrint Assessment

Puget Sound Energy wants you to use less energy. It's true! Sign up for a free HomePrint Assessment to learn how simple upgrades can increase the efficiency, comfort and value of your home – and save a lot on your energy bill.

What it is

PSE's HomePrint Assessment is a FREE overview of your home's energy use; essentially a home energy audit. Provided by an independent, PSE-qualified specialist, this in-home service will provide you with a better understanding of your home's basic energy consumption, ways to save money on your heating bill, and useful information on ultimately improving the comfort and efficiency of your home.

What you get

Free energy-efficient fixtures:

  • On-the-spot installation of up to 20 high-efficiency LED light bulbs*
  • High-performance showerheads**


  • An in-home inspections of the areas that impact the energy performance of your home the most. Plus, a customized summary of energy-saving recommendations, including information on PSE energy-efficient product rebates, contractor referrals and other helpful energy efficiency tips.

Start saving today!

Finding a qualified specialist for your HomePrint Assessment is simple. Just complete all fields that have an asterisk (*) in the form below, click on the referral product option "Residential In-home Energy Assessment Services," select the box next to "Free HomePrint Assessment" and submit your project information so PSE can link you with qualified Contractor Alliance Network members in your area. These members will get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Must be a PSE electric or natural gas customer living in an existing single-family property or attached housing with four units or less. One (1) rebate per household.

*High efficiency lighting to replace your existing inefficient lighting for PSE electric customers only.
**Up to 2 showerheads per qualifying home.