Stay Safe and Be Prepared

Safety and preparedness for you and your community

We are committed to helping you and your employees be safe at work and at home.

Call 8-1-1 before you dig

Safety » Natural Gas Safety » Call Before You Dig

If you are doing work on your facility or property, make sure you or your contractor calls 811 two business days before you dig. There could be buried facilities anywhere you plan to dig: under the road, the sidewalk, even in the landscaping. It’s free and it’s the law!

Safe in the Sound

Safety » Get Prepared

Every $1 invested in preparedness saves more than $6 in post-disaster recovery and response costs. For businesses, it’s particularly important that you have the tools you need to get back to business as soon as possible. PSE is partnering with the American Red Cross on Safe in the Sound, a three-year public awareness campaign to help individuals, businesses and communities prepare for every type of disaster.

Sewer clearing and cross bore safety

Safety » Natural Gas Safety » Blocked Sewer

A cross-bore is a rare, but potentially serious situation. It occurs when a gas pipe is inadvertently installed through a sewer line. Cross bores are safe unless disturbed, which can happen when a machine is used to clear a blocked sewer.

PSE considers any blocked sewer a potential cross bore that should be treated as a gas emergency. Before using a sewer clearing machine, you or your contractor should call PSE. Our first responders usually arrive within an hour. We use a camera to inspect sewer pipes. If a cross bore is discovered, it will be removed and gas and sewer lines repaired at no cost to you.