Call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 or call 911 if you think you are experiencing a natural gas or electric emergency, such as a gas leak or downed power line.

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​Outage map

Current outages and estimated restoration times

A text list of all outages is available here.

Please note: Restoration times are estimates only. Conditions can change rapidly, especially during a storm or emergency, affecting the accuracy of information on the outage map.

Stay informed

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Using the map


  • Outage reported: Needs assessment.
  • Waiting for repairs: Cause identified; waiting for crew to be dispatched.
  • Crew assigned: Work scheduled; crew arrival time dependent on other jobs. 
  • Repair crew on site: A crew is onsite making repairs.


Map pin 
Multiple outages

The pin with a numeral in the center indicates multiple, separate outages clustered near each other. Clicking on the pin will zoom the map in and
reveal the individual outages.

Map pin 
Customers affected

The map pins are color and shape coded to indicate the number of customers affected by an individual outage. Refer to the legend above for ranges.
Individual outage details will include specific numbers.

Moving around the map

You can use a mouse, keyboard or fingertip on a touchscreen device to pan or zoom in and out on the map.



To pan the map, click one of the four directional arrows in the compass, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click or tap a point on the map and
then drag the map in any direction.


To zoom in or out, click the corresponding button on the view control in the upper left corner of the map, or rotate the wheel on your mouse.