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Your Lewis County team is ready, able and happy to get to know you and assist with any of your energy-related needs.

Hans HerrmannHans Herrmann 

Hans Herrmann

Manager, Community Engagement
hans.herrmann@pse.com | 253-476-6319

The Manager, Community Engagement supports philanthropic strategic goals; partners with internal or external teams to create, execute and communicate engagement opportunities or support various local/community initiatives.

Wayne Ballew Wayne Ballew 

Wayne Ballew

Efficiency Outreach Coordinator
wayne.ballew@pse.com | 360-786-5957

The Efficiency Outreach Coordinator links local governments and community entities with PSE's energy efficiency programs to increase efficiency in facilities, residents' homes and businesses.

Jim BillingsJim Billings 

Jim Billings

Supervisor, Gas First Response
james.billings@pse.com | 360-786-5959

The Supervisor, Gas First Response is responsible for field emergencies, compliance work and work on customer premises.

Amy TousleyAmy Tousley 

Amy L. Tousley

Municipal Liaison Manager
amy.tousley@pse.com | 360-786-5956

The Municipal Liaison Manager works with city and county staff and their authorized representatives/consultants/contractors.

Justin ShahanJustin Shahan 

Justin Shahan

Municipal Construction Planner
justin.shahan@pse.com | 360-570-6803

The Municipal Construction Planner is responsible for municipal projects and determining how those will affect PSE facilities.

Dan MyersDan Myers 

Dan Myers

Senior Energy Management Engineer
dan.myers@pse.com | 360-786-5934

The Senior Energy Management Engineer manages and implements energy efficiency projects for commercial customers, from development through final installation verification.