Week of February 1, 2016


We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service:


  • In Auburn on F Street Southeast, Cedar Drive Southeast, I Street Southeast, and roads adjacent to I Street Southeast, K Street Southeast, and roads adjacent to K Street Southeast, 23rd Street Southeast, and A Street Southeast.
  • In Bellingham on Agate Bay Road.
  • In Burlington on Highland Drive.
  • In Ellensburg on Badger Pocket Road, Carroll Road, View Lane Road, South Ferguson Road, Sorenson Road, Alkai Road, Emerson Road, Denmark Road, Cleman Road, Hamilton Road, Boch Road, Larsen Road, Payne Road, 4th Parallel Road, Vanderbilt Road, Kaynor Road, Harold Road, Lawrence Road, Kamtakin Road, Katen Road , and Morrison Road.
  • In Kent on Southeast 224th Street, 156th Avenue Southeast, Southeast 231st Street, 134th Avenue Southeast and roads adjacent to 134th Avenue Southeast, South 250th Street, and Military Road South.
  • In Langley on Thompson Road and Emil Road.
  • In Mount Vernon on Skagit City Road.
  • In Port Orchard on Beach Road Southeast.
  • In Poulsbo on roads adjacent to Phillip Road Northeast.
  • In Puyallup on 60th Avenue East, 27th Avenue East, and Fruitland Avenue East.
  • In Rainier on 119th Avenue Southeast.
  • In Rochester on School Land Road Southwest, Laymon Street Southwest, Forstrom Street Southwest, Moon Road Southwest, and Anderson Road Southwest.
  • In Silverdale on Keyport Highway Northeast.
  • In Snoqualmie on Southeast North Bend Way, Southeast Silva Street, Southeast Cedar Street, Southeast 77th Street, Southeast 80th Street, Southeast 85th Street, Southeast 86th Street, Southeast 88th Street, Southeast 92nd Street, 372nd Place Southeast, 376th Avenue Southeast, 378th Avenue Southeast, 382nd Avenue Southeast, and 384th Avenue Southeast.
  •  On Mercer Island on West Mercer Way, Southeast 22nd Street, Southeast 24th Street, Southeast 28th Street, Southeast 32nd Street, Southeast 33rd Street, Southeast 34th Street, Southeast Allen Street, Southeast Maker Street, Southeast 36th Street, 60th Avenue Southeast, 61st Avenue Southeast, 62nd Avenue Southeast, 63rd Avenue Southeast, 67th Avenue Southeast, 68th Avenue Southeast, 69th Avenue Southeast, 70th Avenue Southeast, 71st Avenue Southeast, and 74th Avenue Southeast.
  • On Vason Island on 178th Street Southwest.


  * subject to change