2014 Business Rebate Program Changes

Thank you for your continued commitment to energy efficiency in our region. As we prepare for 2014, and in recognition of adjustments to market conditions, Puget Sound Energy's Business Energy Management team will be introducing some adjustments to our program incentives as noted below. As you will see, many program incentives will remain the same and are listed in addition for informational purposes only.

Effective Wednesday, January 1, 2014, the following proposed modifications to PSE's Business Energy Management programs will go into effect, subject to UTC approval. The efficiency measures listed below must be installed on or after January 1, 2014, to be eligible for the 2014 program incentives; unless noted otherwise.

Please note that discontinued rebates could be reviewed for eligibility for custom grant incentives.

Program Status Description Incentives Effective Date
Business Lighting Modified Single application form covers all incentives for replacement of existing lamps and fixtures. The current Small Business Lighting program is discontinued. Instant rebates remain available at point of purchase on select products. Prescriptive incentives are available through "Business Express" options with no pre-approval required if total rebate amount is less than $3000. Custom calculated incentives continue with increased incentive amounts available for comprehensive projects through the "Business Enhanced" offering.

  • LEDs $5 to $25 per lamp
  • $1 per low-watt T8 installed
  • $25 per LED exit sign installed
  • $45 per lighting controller (no minimum wattage)
  • No prescriptive incentives for CFLs
  • $0.20 per kWh annual savings up to 50% of installed cost
  • $0.30 per kWh annual savings up to 70% of installed cost
Beginning January 1, 2014
Building Tune-Ups Modified Comprehensive Building Tune-Up (CBTU) program streamlined. Simplified Building Tune-Up program discontinued. Initial Assessment: Up to 100% of cost ($2,000-$5,000).

Base Incentive: Up to 75% of Cx provider fees ($0.15-0.35/sf).

1st Year Performance Incentive: Up to 100% of entire cost, including implementation of savings measures, funded at $0.05/kWh of electric savings or $0.80/therm of gas savings

Whole Building Metering Incentive: up to $3,000 for installation of building meter, not to exceed 70% of installed cost
CBTU enhancements began September 2013. Simplified Building Tune-Up ends December 31, 2013.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Continuing,  Modified and Discontinued Rebates available to all PSE Electric and Gas Commercial Customers who install qualified kitchen equipment as found on PSE.com.

*PSE gas customers in City of Seattle will not qualify for steamer, fryer, or dishwasher incentives beginning Jan 1, 2014.
Cooking Equipment Electric & Natural Gas continuing:
  • Ice Machines $100-300
  • Convection Ovens $500 per cavity
  • Combination Ovens $2,000
  • Gas Rack Ovens $2,000
  • Fryers: Electric $250
  • Condensing water heaters $4.71/MBH
  • Condensing boiler $6.11/MBH
Cooking Equipment Electric & Natural Gas modified:
  • Connectionless Steamers 3-5 pan $250, >6 pan $500
  • Fryers Gas  $500
  • Dishwashers $150-$1,500
Cooking Equipment Electric & Natural Gas discontinued:
  • Hot-Food Holding Cabinets
Beginning January 1, 2014; ending December 31, 2013.
Commercial Laundry Water Heating Continuing Rebates available to all PSE Commercial Customers if PSE is providing the water heating fuel. Water heaters must be greater than 75,000 Btu/hour and have a thermal efficiency greater than 0.94.
  • Water Heaters: $3/ MBH
  • Boilers: $6/ MBH
Beginning January 1, 2014
Commercial Washer/Dryer Rebate Modified Energy Star Qualified Commercial Washing Machine Rebates available to all PSE Commercial Customers if PSE is providing the water heating fuel. Per unit incentive is changing. $75 per unit Beginning January 1, 2014
CoolerMiser Direct Install Continuing Direct install of CoolerMisers on glass door refrigeration without perishable items present. Available to all PSE Electric Commercial Customers. Direct install, no incentive. Beginning January 1, 2014
Custom Grant Incentives (non-lighting) Continuing Custom calculated incentives for measures providing quantifiable and verifiable cost-effective energy savings. Electric Incentive: $.30 per first year kWh saved up to 70% of the measure cost. Gas Incentive: $5 per first year Therm saved up to 70% of the measure cost. Beginning January 1, 2014
Data Center Energy Efficiency Program Continuing Professional consultants identify and support implementation of data center efficiency measures at facilities with an IT load greater than 60kW or at least 1,000 square feet of data center space. O&M Measures: $0.05 per kWh of annual savings, not to exceed 70% of project cost

Non-Lighting Measures: $0.30 per kWh of annual savings, not to exceed 70% of project cost

Lighting Measures: $0.20 per kWh of annual savings, not to exceed 50% of project cost
Beginning January 1, 2014
ECM Motors Discontinued Incentives for retrofitting constant volume HVAC fans with Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs). $0.12 per square foot served by the HVAC fan. Until Dec 31, 2013
Energy Smart Grocer Continuing Grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail stores with refrigeration systems are eligible for participation in this program. Many Prescriptive Incentives are available to PSE grocery and convenience store customers through this program. See program website at http://www.energysmartonline.org/utilities/pse_index.html for current incentive offerings. Beginning January 1, 2014
Green Motor Rewind Discontinued This rebate is available to customers having motor rewinds performed by authorized Motor Rewind contractors. Program is being discontinued due to lack of participation in PSE service area. $2 per motor horsepower Until Dec 31, 2013
High-Efficiency Heat Pump & Air Conditioner Continuing Incentives continued for new/retrofit High Efficiency HVAC installations High-Efficiency HVAC Incentives: $30-$550 per ton, depending on unit type, efficiency and new vs. existing installation Beginning January 1, 2014
Hospitality Rebates Continuing Rebates available to all PSE Electric Commercial Customers that install qualifying Package Terminal Heat Pumps (10% above code) and qualifying HVAC occupancy controls (minimum 8 degree setback.) * High-efficiency packaged terminal heat pumps $150 / unit
  • HVAC occupancy controls $75 / unit
Beginning January 1, 2014
Industrial Systems Optimization Program Modified Professional consultants investigate industrial/production equipment energy usage and identify operational modifications to improve efficiency and approach to quantifying savings through tracking & monitoring. Capital measures may also be identified through this program to receive custom grant funding. $0.05 per kWh of verified savings, up to 70% of implementation cost
Additional incentives available for Energy Tracking System software
Beginning January 1, 2014
LED Traffic Signals Discontinued Rebates for replacement of incandescent traffic signal lighting with LED modules are being discontinued since LED modules are now common practice. Red LED - $10 Each
Green LED - $20 Each
Yellow LED - $5 Each
Pedestrian LED - $10 Each
Until Dec 31, 2013
New Construction Modified Custom grant incentives are available for high-efficiency electric and natural gas upgrades that exceed Energy Code requirements in new construction or major remodels. Incentives are also available for post-occupancy commissioning. Grocery stores, convenience stores and retail stores with commercial refrigeration systems may receive incentives for new construction projects through the Energy Smart Grocer program. Component basis funding: up to 100% of incremental cost per individual measure

Whole building energy moding approach: $0.60 to $1.80 per square foot of conditioned floor space, depending on savings over Energy Code
Beginning January 1, 2014
PC Power Management Rebate Discontinued Rebates for installing network software that controls PC power management settings. $8 per workstation Until Dec 31, 2013
Portable Classroom Controls Discontinued Incentives to upgrade portable classroom controls from seven-day programmable thermostats to 365-day programmable thermostats. Up to $350 per thermostat. Until Dec 31, 2013
Pre Rinse Low Flow Spray Head & Aerator Direct Install Modified Direct install of low-flow spray heads & aerators, available to all PSE Electric and Gas Commercial Customers. Low-flow showerheads are being added to the offering. Directly installed at no cost to customer. Beginning January 1, 2014
Premium HVAC Service Continuing This rebate is available to non-residential customers supplied with electricity by PSE for the HVAC rooftop units serviced under the program. Customer agrees to have service done by an authorized HVAC contractor. The contractor is paid up to $1,400 by PSE for the premium services provided on the HVAC rooftop unit. Beginning January 1, 2014
Resource Conservation Management & Strategic Resource Management Modified RCM program is expanded to include Strategic Resource Management that provides direct delivery of RCM services to customers unable to participate in the standard RCM offering. Additionally, program incentive structure is enhanced to better reward energy savings achievements and identification of capital projects. RCM INCENTIVES:

Performance Incentive: $0.02/kWH or $0.15/therm saved up to performance target; $0.035/kWH or $0.25/therm for savings that exceed target up to 70% of measure cost

Performance Bonus: $20,000 per 1 FTE RCM (20,000,000 kWH or 2,700,000 therms)


70% of measure cost with a performance incentive of $0.02 per kWh annual savings (intended to cover remaining 30% of measure cost if savings target achieved)
Beginning January 1st, 2014
Small Business Direct Install Modified Direct install of lighting, HVAC, and water heating measures in small to midsize businesses. Available to commercial customers < 10,000 sq ft located in the PSE Electric and Gas service area. Direct install; no incentive. Added measures to the program include smart strips and LED exterior lighting. No longer offering direct installation of CFLs. Beginning January 1, 2014
Variable Speed Drives Discontinued Incentives for retrofitting constant volume HVAC fans and pumps with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). These measures are eligible for Custom Grant funding after the program terminates. $100/ HP Until Dec 31, 2013