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​Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit Premium Service Rebate

Puget Sound Energy will pay a rebate from the basic agreement amount of $360 up to $1,925 per unit for advanced service measures performed on qualifying larger systems to provide premium services that increase the efficiency of your packaged HVAC rooftop unit. Most HVAC rooftop units operate inefficiently wasting energy and money. Standard maintenance practices for HVAC rooftop units typically maintain select system components and are not designed to optimize overall HVAC system performance.

Using advanced diagnostic tools; a qualified technician will test and calibrate your equipment to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible. The upgraded service includes:

  • Quality assurance check of refrigerant charge
  • Verified; adjusted airflow
  • Recalibration of economizer
  • Recalibration of thermostat schedules and setpoints
  • Sensor testing, calibration and replacement
  • Replacement of bad sensors, controllers and linkages
  • Installation of economizer where none exists and where it is not required by code

Participation in the rebate program requires that service be performed by an approved contractor.

Find a Contractor


This rebate is available to non-residential customers supplied with electricity by PSE for the HVAC rooftop units serviced under the program. Customer agrees to have service done by an authorized HVAC contractor.

How to participate

Step 1. Please contact an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482 for a list of participating contractors.
Step 2. Choose your contractor
  • Basic planned maintenance and service continues as usual at the contract rate you have negotiated with your HVAC service provider
  • PSE subsidizes premium services performed on your HVAC rooftop unit
  • The contractor is paid up to $1,925 by PSE for the premium services provided on your HVAC rooftop unit

PSE reserves the right to inspect installations for compliance prior to payment.

Download the Commercial HVAC 1-pager.