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Comprehensive Building Tune-Up: Eligibility and Participation

PSE's Comprehensive Building Tune-Up program is designed to result in persistent, cost-effective, energy-saving changes in building systems and operations. To achieve this, both the building and the owner must meet certain eligibility criteria.

The building must meet the following criteria:

  • Served by PSE electricity and/or gas
  • At least 50,000 square feet
  • At least 75 percent occupied
  • Mechanical equipment and control systems in relatively good condition
  • Reasonable expectation of achieving energy savings through operational improvements

The owner must commit to the following:

  • Up to 50 hours of senior building operations staff time to participate in the investigation and training
  • Implementation of improvements that have a payback of less than 2 years, with a limit to the total cost to the owner
  • Implementation of improvements within six months after the investigation

How to participate

  1. Review the information on eligibility, process and incentives
  2. Complete a PSE application and include the signature of the building owner
  3. PSE will review the application and contact you for an initial screening to help determine if your building is a good candidate for the program
  4. Owner selects a professional individual commissioning provider from PSE's list of approved commissioning providers and requests a proposal from the provider
  5. PSE and owner sign a grant agreement for commissioning incentives
  6. Professional commissioning provider will complete the assessment phase
  7. PSE and commissioning provider will determine if building will benefit from the Comprehensive Building Tune-Up (CBTU) program. If CBTU is not a good fit, PSE pays an incentive for the Assessment (up to 100 percent) and ends the process.
  8. If CBTU is a good fit, the process continues. The commissioning provider conducts a comprehensive investigation and provides recommendations for low-cost/no-cost operational improvements as well as capital energy efficient upgrades.
  9. Owner implements recommended improvements with less than a two-year payback, up to agreed cost limit
  10. Commissioning provider verifies recommendations are completed
  11. Commissioning provider prepares a facility guide (systems manual) and training for operations and maitenance staff
  12. Owner's operations and maintenance staff attends training
  13. PSE pays a base incentive for the commissioning provider costs up to 75 percent
  14. If the customer documents continued efficient operation for one year and the actual savings are a predetermined amount, PSE pays a performance incentive, based on the savings, of up to 100 percent of the entire cost (remaining commissioning provider costs plus the cost of the low-cost and no cost improvements)