Optimize Your Business

Optimize Your Data Center

Puget Sound Energy's Data Center Energy Efficiency Program will help you achieve significant energy savings through operational and infrastructure equipment improvements.

Why target data centers?

  • The information and communication technology industry used more than 100 billion kilowatt hours in 2011, equaling approximately $7.4 billion and two percent of national energy use
  • The Environmental Protection Agency projects data center energy use to grow by 9.6 percent annually through 2020

Our programs will help you:

  • Improve the efficiency and performance of your facility by up to 40%
  • Achieve significant, long-term energy savings
  • Earn incentives of up to 70% of project cost to help offset the expense of energy efficiency upgrades

What are the benefits?

  • Financial incentives for the installation of O&M measures, custom measures and lighting upgrades
  • A FREE comprehensive data center facility audit
  • Project management assistance to help you develop, implement and monitor energy efficiency projects

Available Incentives:

O&M Measures1 Incentive Rate
(per kWh)
Hot/Cold Air Containment (non-structural) $0.05
Adjusting Air Distribution $0.05
Adjusting Set Point & Control Sequence Without Capital Cost $0.05
Custom Measures2 Incentive Rate
(per kWh)
Hot/Cold Air Containment $0.30
VFD Retrofit $0.30
Cooling System Upgrade $0.30
Server Virtualization $0.30
UPS Upgrades $0.30
Lighting Upgrades3 $0.20

1 O&M measure incentives not to exceed 70% of project cost
2 Custom measure incentives not to exceed 70% of project cost
3 Lighting incentives not to exceed 50% of project cost

Who is eligible?

  • Customers with an IT load greater than 60kW or at least 1,000 square feet of data center space
  • Customers being served on Rate Schedule 258 are NOT eligible for this program

How does the program work?

  • Program is administered by CLEAResult on behalf of PSE
  • Customer signs Participation Agreement
  • Program team conducts free on-site data center audit to identify energy efficiency upgrade projects
  • Customer signs Implementation Agreement
  • CLEAResult completes project(s) with program team support
  • Program team completes post-inspection, measurement & verification
  • Customer receives incentives from CLEAResult

Contact us today at 1-877-826-6870 or psedatacenters@clearesult.com to learn more.