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EnergySmart Grocer

Through the EnergySmart Grocer Program, grocers within Puget Sound Energy's electric service territory are eligible to receive incentives on high-efficiency retrofits and upgrades. These incentives lower the upfront costs of installation, making it easy and affordable for participating businesses to start saving on their utility bills. The program is funded by Puget Sound Energy to help grocery store and supermarket customers save money by reducing their energy use. The end result is a stronger bottom line for program participants, and an improved environmental impact that benefits the entire region.

Retailers are provided with:

  • A store walk-through, where a skilled energy expert explains energy saving opportunities;
  • An energy-savings report, with opportunities ranked by cost-effectiveness;
  • An energy use comparison, showing the store's potential revenue gain, due to energy-efficiency improvements, compared to a national average of energy use;
  • And a list of PSE energy-efficiency incentives available based on the energy-savings report.

Find out more about the EnergySmart Grocer Program at or contact the program at 1-800-230-9420 with your questions.