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​High-efficiency Commercial HVAC Rebate for
New Construction

Almost half of business energy bills can be attributed to heating and cooling. Low cost equipment often used for either new construction or replacement is generally less efficient and results in unnecessary and avoidable energy costs. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is offering a rebate of $30 per ton for new energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

Save now: Get a rebate of $30 per ton when you purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump that meets the Consortium for Energy Efficiency's (CEE) high-efficiency commercial air conditioning and heat pump initiative. The PSE rebate will help lower your purchase price on more energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

Save later: Lower utility bills. Efficient HVAC equipment saves energy and money throughout the life of the unit. Your facility demand charges may be decreased with the use of more efficient equipment.

Efficient HVAC equipment will save you money every month in energy costs. Units meeting the CEE specification are up to 20 percent more efficient than standard HVAC equipment.


To receive the high-efficiency HVAC rebate PSE must supply electricity to the HVAC units. Units must meet or exceed CEE Tier 1 standards.

How to participate

Step 1. Purchase and install qualifying equipment
Step 2. Submit your application for payment
  • Complete the rebate application form including your PSE account number and signature
  • Sign material receipts or contractor invoices to indicate your approval and acceptance of the installation, or material purchases if your in-house project was not billed for labor. Please circle rebate-eligible items, and item quantities
  • Return the signed and completed copy of your rebate application to PSE, along with signed and dated invoices/receipts
  • Funding availability is subject to annual program budgets

PSE reserves the right to inspect installations for compliance prior to payment.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Visit the CEE website to download the most up-to-date listing of HVAC equipment efficiency standards. The standards will help you specify eligible equipment for your facilities.