Re-Energize Your Business

Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP)

Achieving energy savings through O&M measures

The industrial systems your company relies upon to conduct business also consume energy—often lots of it. Making no-and-low-cost operations and management (O&M) improvements to these systems can help you reduce energy usage and achieve significant cost savings.

Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is offering industrial customers a way to jumpstart their company's efficiency efforts through the Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP) and program partner Cascade Energy. ISOP gives your business the financial tools and technical support you need to:

  • Develop an electrical energy baseline and normalized energy model
  • Make no-and-low-cost adjustments to improve electrical energy efficiency
  • Create an action plan for future energy improvements
  • Monitor system or facility performance over time

Program with a Hands-on Approach

O&M projects harness the electricity savings potential of your site's industrial equipment by enhancing the ability of your staff to monitor its energy usage and make adjustments that optimize performance. Combining the operations and equipment knowledge of the site staff with the energy efficiency expertise of ISOP personnel yields the best results. Experienced ISOP engineers and technicians act as guides, working directly with your staff over multiple days to identify and implement improvements. Even after the on-site Optimization Event, ISOP engineers will continue to offer technical support to help site personnel achieve items on the action plan recommended from the initial face-to-face collaboration.

Incentives for Monitoring and Verified Savings

ISOP provides more than technical know-how and assistance. PSE co-funds the purchase and installation of a performance tracking system (PTS) to benchmark and monitor efficiency. Your company can also qualify for Implementation Incentives as projected electricity savings from approved projects are measured and verified.

Funding Amount Milestone​
PTS Incentives Lesser of:
1) $0.0018 times baseline kWh usage; or
2) $10,000; or
3) 100% of documented PTS costs.
Customer purchases and installs PSE-approved PTS.
Lesser of:
1) $0.05 times verified kWh saved minus the PTS Incentive; or
2) $0.05 times 10% of baseline kWh usage minus PTS Incentive; or
3) 70% of action item cost plus PTS cost minus PTS Incentive.​
PSE reviews and approves the action item measurement and verification report.

Program Contact

Call ISOP program manager Sam Skidmore at 503-928-3209 for additional questions or to participate.