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Resource Conservation Management (RCM) Program

Program Summary

  • The Resource Conservation Management (RCM) program provides incentives, training, and data services to commercial customers that wish to achieve utility cost savings through behavioral changes, occupant engagement, operational improvements, targeted facility maintenance, and attention to utility accounting.
  • Program participants commit to hiring, contracting, or assigning staff dedicated to three years of RCM activities.
  • Typically, customers can reduce utility costs by 10 to 15 percent over three years by participating in the program.


  • Any PSE commercial customer that has PSE portfolio consumption greater than 5,000,000 kWh or 675,000 therms is eligible for the RCM program.
  • If a customer consumes less than the consumption requirements, the customer may partner with another organization or should apply for the Strategic Resource Management (SRM) program.
  • Typical candidates include school districts, government municipalities, hospitals, commercial real estate owners, hotels, or other large customers.

Customer Benefits

PSE provides financial incentives throughout the participation in the program based on portfolio consumption. For example, a large customers (20,000,000 kWh or 2,700,000 therms), could expect to receive $118,000 in financial incentives over the three years if they meet their targets. These incentives would be provided as follows:

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In addition, PSE will provide the customer with:

  • Resource accounting software
  • 15-minute interval data for viable meters
  • Training opportunities
  • Building audit support
  • Savings analysis
  • Electronic bill data

Participation Requirements

Resource Conservation Manager: The customer must hire, contract, or designate existing staff to be the main point of contact for the program. This person will be responsible for RCM activities, reporting to PSE, communicating initiatives, and managing the utility bills.

Tools for Success: Customers must complete the following deliverables/tasks in order to ensure success in the program and be eligible for incentives:

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Interested? Here are the next steps…

  1. Contact the PSE program manager, Jessica Raker, at 425-456-2476 or
  2. Collaborate with PSE on identifying the buildings in your portfolio that should be targeted by the RCM program.
  3. Sign the PSE-generated grant agreement

Case Studies

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Download the RCM/SRM 1-pager.