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Simplified Building Tune-Up Program

Take the first step toward building optimization! This program provides participants with an energy consultant dedicated to their building. From identifying opportunities and establishing an energy baseline to supporting project implementation, energy experts will help you save energy and money, while also increasing the comfort of your tenants. Participants are paid a cash incentive for all measured energy savings. There is no initial cost to participate in a Simplified Building Tune-Up.

How it works 

There are 6 phases in the program with one-on-one expertise and reports provided at no cost:
  1. Assessment – Energy expert interviews you about your building systems and needs
  2. Investigation – Energy expert analyzes your building’s energy use to diagnose inefficiencies and provides an Energy Star benchmark
  3. Recommendations – Energy expert identifies cost-effective improvements
  4. Implementation – Owner executes recommended improvements
  5. Verification – Energy expert tracks and reports energy savings
  6. Performance Incentive – Get paid $0.04 per kWh saved 

How it benefits

  • Free consultation with energy engineers
  • Identifies cost-effective improvements
  • 2-3% or greater reduction in energy use with improvements
  • 2 years or less return on investment.
  • Reduces energy cost.
  • Increases occupant comfort
  • Improves Energy Star Rating
  • Educational webinar opportunities

How to participate

The program serves PSE customers with commercial facilities larger than 50,000 square feet.*
Please call or e-mail and we will enroll you today!

Brendan Havenar-Daughton
Program Manager


*Each building’s average monthly usage must exceed 20,000 kWh.


Download the Simplified Building Tune-Up Program Application​.


All applications must be submitted by September 30, 2013 in order to be eligible for program incentives.
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