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Strategic Resource Management (SRM) Program

Program Program Summary

  • The Strategic Resource Management (SRM) program provides consulting and training services to commercial customers that wish to achieve utility cost savings through behavioral changes, occupant engagement, operational improvements, targeted facility maintenance, and attention to utility accounting.
  • Typically, customers can reduce utility costs by 3 to 5 percent in one year by participating in the program.


  • Any PSE commercial customer that has a PSE portfolio consumption between 1,000,000 kWh and 5,000,000 kWh is eligible for the SRM program.
  • If a customer consumes more than 5,000,000 kWh, the customer must be pre-approved or should apply for the Resource Conservation Manager (RCM) program.
  • Typical candidates include school districts, government municipalities, hospitals, commercial real estate owners, hotels, or other large customers.

Customer Benefits

PSE has selected McKinstry as its partnering consultant to provide SRM services and will pay 70 percent or more of the costs (see fixed schedule) for the following services:

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After one year, PSE will pay an additional $0.02/kWh saved up to the total consultant cost. Energy efficiency programs similar to the SRM have historically achieved savings of up to 3 to 5 percent within the first year. In addition, PSE will provide the customer with:

  • Electronic bill data
  • 15-minute interval data for viable electric meters
  • Training opportunities
  • Savings analysis

Participation Requirements

Green Champion: The customer must appoint a “green champion” to be the main point of contact for the project. This person will be responsible for working with the consultant, organizing access to facilities, communicating initiatives, and managing the utility bills.

Customer Cost: Customers are expected to initially pay 30 percent of the consultation cost, which will be reimbursed through performance incentives if the customer achieves the expected savings after one year. The cost varies by quantity of buildings and is summarized in the following fixed fee schedule:

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The fixed fee schedule has a flat rate per customer ($4,700), used to cover deliverables that are applicable to a customer’s portfolio regardless of the quantity of buildings or size of buildings (Resource Management Plan, Communication Plan, Quarterly Meetings, etc). The schedule also has a variable component based on portfolio size and is used to cover variable fees dependent on the portfolio (Facility Action Plans for targeted buildings, DDC and scheduling reviews, etc).

Based on the schedule, for a customer with (2) 45,000 sq. ft. facilities, the cost would be $11,200 ($4,700 fixed fee + $6,500 small portfolio fee). If a customer had (2) 55,000 sq. ft. facilities, the total cost would increase to $13,200 ($4,700 + $8,500 medium portfolio fee). The costs include all fees pertaining to the services provided.

The program should have a quick return on investment. A customer that consumes 3,000,000 kWh across their (3) 50,000 sq. ft. buildings and saves 5 percent should reduce their utility bill by over $10,000.

Interested? Here are the next steps…

  • Contact the PSE program manager, Danny Grady, at 425-424-6447 or
  • Collaborate with PSE on identifying the buildings in your portfolio that should be targeted by the SRM program.
  • Complete a utility data release form in order to provide the third-party consultant with your data.
  • Sign the PSE-generated grant agreement

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About McKinstry: Founded in 1960, McKinstry originated as a plumbing and piping contractor. As the needs of clients evolved with the complexity of buildings, McKinstry recognized the need for a contractor capable of solving a multitude of problems as they arise throughout the 50+ year life of a building. Today, their competencies include construction trades (mechanical, electrical, fire protection, etc.), facility management, energy savings performance contracting, commissioning and retrocommissioning, measurement and verification, warranty and issue management, utility bill tracking, and behavior-based energy savings programs. McKinstry is consistently listed as a preferred place to work, and they are proud to employ capable, long-term employees with the technical knowledge and experience needed to address a myriad of facility needs.

McKinstry has partnered with PSE for over a decade and are experienced in aligning their work with desired program outcomes. In addition, they have offered their own resource conservation management program designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote environmentally friendly operations within their client’s buildings. They are committed to fostering active participation from the people who use and maintain their facilities. McKinstry believes that by adopting a strategic cultural and operational approach, customers can increase energy efficiency and achieve substantial, quantifiable financial results.

Download the RCM/SRM 1-pager.