​zHome Project Open Sundays for Self-Guided Tours

PSE is proud to support zHome, the first zero net energy, zHome_216x200.jpg
carbon neutral townhome community in the United States. Visit this groundbreaking community to learn how zero energy, carbon neutral living is possible now. 
zHome, located in Issaquah Highlands in Issaquah, is open to the public Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m. for self-guided tours. In addition to being designed to achieve net zero energy, zHome also reduces water use by 70%, uses deep green materials (including nearly 80% Forest Stewardship Council wood) and has healthy interiors. 

About the project

  • First multifamily, production, zero net energy/carbon neutral community in the United States, featuring ten market-rate townhomes
  • Spearheaded by City of Issaquah, in partnership with Puget Sound Energy, King County, Built Green, Port Blakely Communities and the Washington State University Energy Program
  • Built and developed by Ichijo USA Co., Ltd.

Performance benchmarks 

  • True zero net energy, carbon neutral
  • 60% water use reduction
  • Ultra-sustainable, healthy materials
  • 90% of all waste recycled
  • Site storm-water runoff recharged on-site, emulating original forested state

Project goals

  • Provide inspiring, real world example of how climate change can be deeply addressed Did you know? Buildings account for 40% of US CO2 emissions!
  • Catalyze market for new wave ultra-sustainable housing
  • Educate about zero energy housing
  • Jump start large sector of green-collar economy
Learn about next generation deep green living from this national-caliber project, right in our backyard! For more information visit z-Home.org.