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Contractor Alliance Network: Frequently Asked Questions


How does the service work?

  1. Determine which energy-related improvements you would like contractors to bid on
  2. Complete the Contractor Alliance Network referral request form for home or business owners
    PSE will suggest contractors who are qualified for your project and provide you with their contact information and a referral number
  3. When you contact your referred contractor, provide the referral number and discuss the details of your project. Your contractor will provide you with a free, no-obligation bid for the work.

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What do you mean by "energy-related improvement projects?"

These are projects or equipment improvements that involve updating or changing items, such as windows, that can affect the energy use in your home. PSE encourages our customers to make improvements that save energy (and money). Energy-related improvements include equipment upgrades such as high efficiency natural gas furnaces, or water heaters, heat pumps, or home improvement projects such as ENERGY STAR® qualified windows or insulation installation.

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How long will it take to get a bid?

You can call the contractors referred to you through PSE's Contractor Alliance Network and schedule an appointment to review your project as soon as you would like. Be sure to provide them with your referral number.

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What if I'm not happy with the bids I receive?

You're under no obligation. You can also request additional contractors' names for bids.

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How will my personal information be used?

The personal information you provide for this service is strictly confidential and is never shared without your permission. Only the dealers and contractors we recommend for your project will call you, if permission is on file.

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I'm an independent contractor. How do I become certified for this service?

We only certify the best. To see if your skills and experience qualify you, complete and submit the online form in the CAN Members of this section.

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How can I receive additional information?

For additional information, call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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