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Converting to Natural Gas: Fuel Conversion Rebate

Refuel and earn rebates! If you're currently heating your home with electricity from PSE, you may be eligible for up to a $3,550 rebate to switch your home and water heating source to reliable and affordable natural gas.

An efficient choice

PSE is committed to helping our customers save energy, not only to save money, but to conserve our region's natural resources. You can reduce your energy costs while helping PSE offset the need for securing additional power supplies by converting your electric heating equipment, such as your furnace and water heater, to natural gas.

Select qualifications

  • Applicant must be a PSE electric customer currently using electricity as the primary source of home and/or water heating
  • Call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482 for pre-approval
  • Rebate is subject to 12 month prior electric usage requirements, as determined by PSE
  • Applicant must install ENERGY STAR® qualified natural gas home and/or water heating equipment (fireplaces are not eligible)
  • Applicant is ineligible for home heating rebate if a heat pump is installed in conjunction with natural gas equipment or if existing heat pump remains on the premises
  • May switch from PSE electric to any Natural Gas provider
  • Rebate amount is limited to 75 percent of total equipment and installation cost
  • Rebate only available on new qualifying equipment

Qualifying rebate levels

PSE fuel conversion rebate levels*

Current Heating System Home Heat Only Conversion Incentive Home Heat and Water Heat Conversion Incentive
Electric Base Board home heat up to $2,600 up to $3,550
Electric Forced Air home heat up to $2,000 up to $2,950
Water Heat Only Conversion Incentive
up to $950

* Rebate amount is dependent on current type of home and/or water heating, annual electricity usage and type of heating equipment installed. Rebate amount is limited to 75 percent of total equipment and installation cost. ENERGY STAR ® qualified equipment must be installed for rebate eligibility.

PSE equipment rebate levels**

In addition to the fuel conversion rebate, PSE offers rebates on ENERGY STAR®qualified natural gas equipment to make the switch to natural gas even more affordable.

Type of equipment Equipment rebate
Furnace (95% AFUE) $250
ENERGY STAR® boiler (95% AFUE) ​$350
ENERGY STAR® integrated space and water heating ​$800

**Separate applications required for PSE equipment rebates. Other natural gas providers may offer different equipment rebates.

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Financing Options

Available for PSE residential energy-efficient equipment retrofits and/or natural gas conversions.

More information

For more information and to learn if you qualify for the fuel conversion rebate, call a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about the benefits of choosing natural gas, see choosing natural gas.

Learn more about PSE's $950 rebate for converting to natural gas water heat in this article and the video below from EarthFix.