Contractor Alliance Network Member Application

Puget Sound Energy's Contractor Alliance Network

Puget Sound Energy is excited to announce the expansion of its Contractor Alliance Network to include a 2nd tier of pre-screened, independent contractors to assist its customers with their energy efficiency and home improvement projects.

What can a Tier 2 membership in the Contractor Alliance Network provide for your company?

  1. Ability to market and brand your company as a part of PSE's Contractor Alliance Network
  2. Access to PSE marketing material
  3. Consistent communication from Puget Sound Energy regarding programs, rebate changes and utility industry news
  4. Webinar trainings for a more comprehensive understanding of our efficiency programs
  5. The opportunity to offer Puget Sound Energy Instant Rebates as an additional sales tool

Enrollment is now open for CAN

The Contractor Alliance Network is currently accepting applications for all PSE programs. Open enrollment begins on Jan. 15, 2016 and will close on Feb. 15, 2016. Please review requirements and submit a membership application to be considered. The next open enrollment period for Contractor Alliance Network will be in February 2017.

Please review our current Program Descriptions. This will help you identify the programs you would like to participate in, and if there are any requirements (Certifications, Trainings) you may start to attain those before our next open application period.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact

*To be considered for Tier 1 membership, each contractor must meet specific performance criteria within its first six months of participation.