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​Commercial / Industrial New Construction Programs

Program summary

  • Several paths for your project are available to best suit to your project's needs.
  • Customers should utilize Post-Occupancy Commissioning with any of the paths listed below.
  • Grants and rebates can fund at up to 100% of the incremental cost (cost difference between the baseline and high efficiency options).
  • The Integrated Design Lab can help support system analysis, cost benefit analysis, and collaborating on decisions that will impact the building's energy consumption and efficiency. Contact PSE if you'd like to learn more about this service.
  • Contact us early in the planning or design phase of a new construction or major renovation project to maximize your opportunity for incentives. Unfortunately, if you wait until the design development or construction phase of a project, you will limit your ability to get the most out of the program (incentives, design resource, verification support).


  • Constructing a new commercial or industrial building, or expanded or renovated building.
  • Apply and enter into the Conservation Grant Agreement contract prior to construction of the measures
  • Able to share project documents, including but not limited to: project construction documents, specifications, and energy model(s)
  • Perform at least 10% better than the Energy Code or standard practice, as applicable

Customer benefits

PSE provides support to enable evaluation of project decisions that will impact energy use (envelope, lighting, controls, HVAC, water heating, etc) as well as financial incentives to ensure these measures and decisions stay in the design and installed in the project. PSE and the Integrated Design Lab can provide feedback with early building concepts to leverage opportunities across the various building systems. Utilizing Post-Occupancy Commissioning will help ensure building systems continue to operate efficiently, supporting:

  • Optimizing mechanical and electrical systems for efficiency
  • Adequately training the building operators and engineers to maintain system efficiencies
  • A Facility Guide to serve as a reference tool to how the building should be operating and how and why the system variables are set the way they are

Incentive program offerings

Program process and deliverables

  • View the process and deliverables for Whole Building Approach
  • View the process and deliverables for Component Approach
  • View the process and deliverables for Post-Occupancy Commissioning (Cx)

Interested? Here are the next steps…

  1. Contact the PSE program manager, Mark Lenssen, at (425) 424-6843 or or Jen Yoshimura at (425) 424-6841 or
  2. Fill out a project application form.
  3. Collaborate with the appointed PSE Engineer on the schedule, scope and particulars of your new building.
    1. Energy Model review required for Whole Building Approach
    2. Sharing of project documents required (design package, energy model, specifications, etc)

Learn more about Commercial Custom Grants complete details and grant forms.