Re-Energize Your New Construction Project

​Multifamily New Construction Energy-efficiency Program

» How to participate in PSE's multifamily new construction energy efficiency incentive programs

PLEASE NOTE: Program details and incentive amounts will change in 2014. Please submit 2013 incentive paperwork by December 1, 2013.

PSE's multifamily new construction energy-efficiency program can add value to your project through financial incentives, technical information and continued support throughout the construction phase.

Under this comprehensive program, all residential and commercial financial incentives for multifamily new construction projects are packaged under one grant.

  • One primary contact from project evaluation through construction
  • Value-added content for your marketing communications
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Complements sustainable building certification programs such as LEED® and Built Green®
  • Integrates PSE's multifamily program into your future development and strategic planning

For more information, e-mail Mike Fowler or call 425-456-2438 to discuss next steps in enhancing your project's bottom line with PSE's energy efficiency financial incentives.

Get started by submitting a project application for energy efficiency incentives.

Multifamily new construction measures and incentives

Below is a summary of the measures and incentives for the multifamily new construction program relating to electric and natural gas users.

Multifamily new construction program presentation

This presentation was part of the introduction of PSE's multifamily new construction program.

It outlines the measures, incentives and requirements of the program. E-mail Mike Fowler or call 425-456-2438 to schedule a presentation for your organization.

New Electric and Natural Gas Service

For information on bringing PSE electric or natural gas service to your site, contact Customer Construction Services at 1-888-321-7779.