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Even though the Puget Sound region is known for cool, gray days, solar energy in the Pacific Northwest has a lot of potential. That’s because the power is harnessed from light -- not heat. It’s catching on too! In 2015 Washington’s installed capacity for solar grew by 85 percent[i] over the previous year.

However, installing solar at home isn’t the right option for everyone. For those customers we offer Solar Choice. Solar Choice is a way to match some or all of the power you use with clean, solar energy. As a participant, panels will not be installed on your home. Instead, solar energy is generated at a separate location and added to the power grid on your behalf.

In addition to supporting clean solar power, your home’s electricity-based carbon footprint goes down. The average PSE home, matching about 60 percent of their usage, sees significant carbon footprint reduction:

Solar Choice is 100% solar power generated right here in Washington and neighboring Idaho. These independently owned solar projects are adding clean energy to the grid, every day – rain or shine!

Kingston Community Solar

This high profile solar project is the culmination of two decades of community action aiming to transform a former Navy housing site into a place for all of Kingston to enjoy. Revenue from selling energy will help recoup installation costs.[ii]

Grandview Solar Farm

This large solar farm came online in 2016 and will replace coal-fired plants in Idaho’s Treasure Valley area. The project, covering over 600 acres of land, is among the largest in the country and will serve more than 17,000 homes.[iii]

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*Estimated 2016 electricity fuel mix, pending final 2016 report from the Washington Department of Commerce.

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