AMI small and midsize business virtual commissioning ™ (VCx™)

VCx™ is a complimentary service for small to midsize businesses that provides custom recommendations on how to reduce energy use in your building, typically reducing participant energy usage by 13%. Power TakeOff’s team of trained Energy Advisors, in partnership with Puget Sound Energy, analyze your facility’s energy data to create customized recommendations based on insights from your smart meter data, with no on-site visits necessary. Participating is fast and easy with no eligible equipment criteria, fees, or enrollment paperwork.


How VCx™ Works

  • Data-Driven Insights: Remotely analyzing data from your Puget Sound Energy smart meter, expert Energy Advisors review energy usage to pinpoint solutions that are custom-tailored to your facility.
  • Personalized Recommendations: With guidance and 1:1 communication with an Energy Advisor, recommendations are outlined for your facility that are easy to implement, and are low or no cost to you.
  • Virtually Delivered: No on-site visits or in-person audits required. Communication with an Energy Advisor is provided virtually and remotely, by email or phone.
  • Proven Results: The Energy Advisor confirms, measures and verifies the energy savings from your changes, and monitors progress to ensure long-term savings success for your business. 

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  • VCx™ Participant Example: Small Business

    Developing an Energy Solution:

    While reviewing the facility’s energy usage profile, an Energy Advisor noticed an ongoing potentially unnecessary daily demand from 5:00 pm -10:30 pm, as well as weekend usage, when the building should have been unoccupied. The Advisor created a tailored recommendation of several operational adjustments for the facility that would limit energy waste, based on these no-cost, easy to implement actions.


    The Results:

    1. 378,064 kWh in annual energy savings
    2. $39,120 in avoided annual energy costs
    3. 295 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
  • What to Expect

    An Energy Advisor will contact you via email or by phone if you have been identified as a facility with energy savings potential. From first contact to energy savings confirmations, the program averages only 2-4 hours of commitment from participants. Once contacted, a VCx™ Energy Advisor will help you identify energy-saving opportunities such as:

    1. Optimizing equipment schedules to match actual occupancy
    2. Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules
    3. Identifying equipment setbacks to address unnecessary usage

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