Outage map

Restoration times are estimates only. While we work on restoring power, the estimated restoration time will read "under investigation." In a major storm or event, it can take 24 hours or longer to provide accurate information. It may take up to 20 minutes after reporting your outage before it shows up on the outage map.

For information about specific outages, click on the map pins or "list view" below to see estimated restoration times, outage cause and status.

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List view of outages


legend icon for multiple outages

Multiple Outages

Numbered pins indicate outages in multiple and adjacent locations. Click on the pin to zoom in on specific outages.
outage pin for the legend

Outage Location

Red pin indicates the approximate location affected by an outage. Click on the pin to view outage details.
legend icon for home power on and off

Outage Status

Sign in to your account to view whether power is on or off at your home or business. An orange pin indicates power is off. A green pin indicates power is on.
legend neighborhood

Neighborhood Affected

Zoom in to view your neighborhood. Red-shaded shape indicates the affected area. Click on it to view outage details. Shaded areas may overlap if there is another outage in close proximity.

Status definitions

  • Outage reported: Needs assessment.
  • Waiting for repairs: Cause identified; waiting for crew to be dispatched.
  • Crew assigned: Work scheduled; crew arrival time dependent on other jobs.
  • Repair crew on site: A crew is onsite making repairs.

Outage FAQ

For more information about the outage map and power restoration, visit the outage FAQs.