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Find a safe and dependable Recommended Energy Professional (REP)

Looking for help with your next home or business improvement project? Get a referral for a pre-screened independent Recommended Energy Professional (REP), who can help you with a variety of energy-efficient upgrades or solar and electric vehicle charging options for your home. REPs share PSE’s standard of excellence and superior service, and can help you find and apply for rebates or incentives related to your project.

PSE's REPs are:
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Knowledgeable on current energy codes, high-efficiency equipment and product applications
  • Continually trained and educated on the latest technology
You can depend on REPs for:
  • Special seasonal offers for energy-efficient products
  • Suggestions for energy-saving improvements
  • Following best safety practices for COVID-19

REPs can assist with a variety of services and product installations for residential customers, including:

If you own a business, REPs can assist with Business Lighting projects. If you manage a multifamily property, they can help upgrade your building’s HVAC, water heating, insulation, air sealing, lighting, or smart thermostats through PSE’s Multifamily Retrofit program.

Get started today, and find a trusted PSE REP using the link below.



Please note, you must have an existing MyPSE account in order to request a REP online.

See our list of energy efficiency financing resources to help make your home or business more efficient.



Plan ahead!

Due to recent demand, some contractors and distributors are experiencing long lead times for some products and installations.

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