Renewable energy options for your business

PSE Match (logo)

An easy, affordable way to match your business’ energy use with renewable energy. No equipment to install or maintain.

Green Power icon

Green Power

Match your business’ electricity usage with a blend of renewable energy generated in the PNW.

Solar Choice icon

Solar Choice

Match your business’ electricity usage with solar power generated here in the PNW.
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Carbon Balance icon

Carbon Balance

Reduce your business’ carbon footprint from natural gas with offsets from local forestry projects.
PSE Replace (logo)

Elevate your commitment to the environment by replacing your business’ energy use with renewable energy delivered to PSE’s grid.

Community Solar icon

Community Solar

Get bill credits for your business by subscribing to solar energy generated in your community.
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Renewable Natural Gas icon

Renewable Natural Gas

Replace your business’ conventional natural gas use with renewable natural gas.


Green Direct

Large businesses are buying 100 percent of their energy from dedicated renewable energy resources.
PSE Generate (logo)

Your business can generate its own renewable energy, offsetting the cost of its conventional energy use without losing PSE’s reliability.

Customer Connected Solar icon

Customer Connected Solar

Information on installing, interconnecting, and net metering up to 100 kW of renewable energy.
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Customer Connected Solar icon

Distributed Renewables

Develop and interconnect to PSE’s grid a renewable energy project larger than 100 kW.