Introducing Flex Smart

Join this smart approach to meeting our region’s growing energy needs

This program is for residential customers who heat and/or cool with PSE electricity. Join before Dec. 31, 2023 and get $75 for enrolling a Nest or ecobee thermostat or $30 per device for enrolling Mysa or Sinopé thermostats. You’ll earn even more for continued participation!

If you already have a qualifying thermostat, enroll it today using the links below.

If you don’t have a qualifying thermostat, purchase one on PSE Marketplace and receive a $75 rebate instantly at checkout. Once installed, enroll it in Flex Smart for additional rewards.

What happens after I enroll?

Once you enroll, PSE will occasionally adjust your energy usage on especially hot or cold days, or “flex events,” when we use more energy to heat and cool our homes. This allows us to work together to prevent spikes in demand, ensuring everyone has access to energy when they need it most.

Participating in flex events is entirely voluntary. We’ll adjust your smart thermostat’s temperature set point remotely before and during events, but you can always opt out by manually adjusting your smart thermostat.

Why Flex Smart?

We’re using smart technology to help meet our region’s growing energy needs and prevent undue stress on our electrical system.

Flex Smart will also help us reach our goal of providing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. By participating, you’ll help us use more renewable energy sources in the future, like wind and solar, as we shift our usage to match their availability.


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PSE Flex Smart terms and conditions

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