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Install a public EV charging station at low to no cost

As Washington state prepares for a boom in electric vehicles, PSE is removing the barriers that keep property owners from hosting a public charging station.

Up & Go Electric for Public allows businesses and communities to easily and affordably provide EV charging by covering up to 100% of the costs to install, maintain and operate a public charging station.

Choose the ownership option that’s right for you

Up & Go Electric for Public incentives cover up to the full cost of equipment and installation for Level 2 and DC fast charging ports and transmission upgrades. Save time on installation and enjoy greater reliability by taking advantage of PSE’s electric vehicle expertise. 

Customer-owned option

For customers who want more control of the charging station. You’ll fully manage installation, ownership and maintenance.

  • Direct control over charger purchase, installation and maintenance options
  • Ability to receive revenue and Washington state Clean Fuel Standard credits from the station

Customers whose sites directly serve or benefit historically underrepresented communities may be eligible for enhanced incentives and services. See the Empower Mobility section below for more information.

PSE-owned option

PSE will manage charging station installation and operation from end to end, including infrastructure upgrades, making this the easiest and most worry-free way to host a public charging station.

  • Step-by-step, comprehensive planning by PSE’s experts: we’ll coordinate equipment purchasing, site design, construction and final inspection for the project to save you time and money
  • Reliable, high-quality service from charging providers and installers vetted by PSE
  • Worry-free operations: PSE will manage charger operations, so any issues or errors can be directed to us

Apply now

Apply now to install a public charging station with the help of available incentives from PSE Up & Go Electric for Public.

Cust Charging CTA 

  • Incentive details
    See the table below for details on available incentives under our ownership options.
    Charger Type % of Costs Covered Maximum per-port incentive
    Level 2 100% No max
    DC Fast Charger 100% No max
    Charger Type % of Costs Covered Maximum per-port incentive
    Level 2 Up to 50% Up to $2,000/port
    DC Fast Charger Up to 50% Up to $40,000/port
    Empower Mobility Customer-Owned*
    Charger Type % of Costs Covered Maximum per-port incentive
    Level 2 Up to 100% Up to $4,000/port
    DC Fast Charger Up to 100% Up to $80,000/port

    *The customer-owned options have an incentive limit of $250,000 per project. Additional allowances for service line and transformer upgrade costs up to $20,000 per DC fast charger port and $2,000 per Level 2 port.

  • Empower Mobility

    We want to expand electric mobility access to communities with the greatest need. Public charging stations provide community benefits, such as a reduction in carbon emissions and other harmful air pollutants, by empowering drivers to switch from gas-powered vehicles to cleaner electric vehicles.

    Empower Mobility incentives

    Customer-owned projects whose sites directly serve and/or benefit historically underrepresented communities may be eligible for enhanced incentives and service.

    PSE will provide upfront incentives covering 100 percent of charger and installation costs up to $4,000 per Level 2 port and $100,000 per DC fast charging port.

    Empower Mobility eligibility

    To be eligible for Empower Mobility incentives, the installation site must directly serve and/or benefit historically underrepresented communities, also known as named communities. Named communities include both highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations.

    Highly impacted communities are comprised of census tracts designated by the Washington State Department of Health as a 9 or 10 on the Environmental Health Disparities Map or communities located in census tracts that are fully or partially on “Indian country” as defined in 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1151.

    Vulnerable populations are communities that experience a disproportionate cumulative risk from environmental burdens due to adverse socioeconomic factors, including disability, cardiovascular disease, low birth weight rates, higher rates of hospitalization, heat islands, arrearage/disconnections, access to digital/internet resources, access to food, access to health care, educational attainment level, estimated energy burden, historical red line influence, home care, housing burden, linguistic isolation, mental health/illness, poverty, race, renter vs owner, seniors with fixed income, transportation expenses and unemployment.

    The list of vulnerability factors and resultant mapping may change as PSE’s Clean Energy Implementation Plan evolves.

    Please see the program eligibility and requirements section for additional participation criteria.

    Contact us

    If you have questions about Empower Mobility incentives and eligibility, contact an Energy Advisor or call 1-800-562-1482.

    For more information, visit the Empower Mobility page.

  • Program eligibility and requirements

    All customers must:

    • Be located in PSE’s electric service area and not on transmission-only customer property.
    • Have controlling interest in the property or the authority to act on behalf of property ownership.
    • Be willing to convert available shared parking space(s) to dedicated charger installation(s).

    Customers choosing the PSE-owned option must:

    Customers choosing the customer-owned option must:

    • Install a separate, dedicated meter for the charging station.
    • Meet standards, equipment and metering requirements, such as mounted signage, available payment methods, registration and reporting.
    • Ensure the site is able to serve multiple vehicle makes.
    • Agree to a non-negotiable service agreement.

    Please see the Empower Mobility section above for eligibility details regarding enhanced incentives available for sites that directly serve and/or benefit historically underrepresented communities.

  • How it works

    Bringing electric vehicle charging to your tenants can be overwhelming. PSE Up & Go Electric for Public can make it easier.

    PSE-owned option:

    1. Submit an application describing your project.
    2. PSE reviews your application and contacts you for a program presentation.
    3. Sign a non-legally binding business points document that sets mutual expectations for the project.
    4. PSE will perform a site walk and begin project development.
    5. Receive regular updates and status review opportunities throughout project development, discuss lease/easement conditions with PSE, and sign corresponding agreements.
    6. Once installation is complete, PSE will work with you on potential launch events and manage ongoing promotion of your charging station.

    Customer-owned option

    1. Submit an application describing your project and, if applicable, your eligibility for enhanced Empower Mobility incentives (see Empower Mobility section above).
    2. If approved, PSE will contact you with an estimated incentive offer. (Note: Upfront incentives for Empower Mobility projects will be provided upon submission of the signed service agreement.)
    3. Proceed with purchasing and installing chargers.
    4. Complete installation and pass inspection.
    5. You’ll receive incentives upon submitting final equipment and installation receipts, as well as a signed copy of the PSE Up & Go Electric for Public service agreement.
  • More PSE charging options and incentives

Public EV charging benefits your community and property
  • Attract new patronage: while drivers wait for their vehicle to charge, they’ll be able to explore nearby businesses and attractions.

  • Prepare for the electric vehicle boom: beginning in 2035, all new passenger vehicles sold in Washington will be electric. Partner with PSE now to prepare for the future.

  • Advance sustainability goals: electric vehicle charging can help lower the carbon footprint of your community or organization.