Under Empower Mobility, all PSE Up & Go Electric programs include enhanced incentives for transportation electrification projects benefitting historically underrepresented communities and the community-based organizations, government agencies and Tribal entities that serve them.

Preparing for an electric future where you live, work and drive

By 2035, new passenger cars and trucks sold in Washington state will be electric.

PSE is offering enhanced Empower Mobility incentives for qualified customers looking to electrify their multifamily properties, workplaces and fleets.

  • Up & Go Electric for Multifamily: Multifamily properties that house predominantly low-income residents or Tribal communities are eligible for higher incentives for charging installation, as well as incentives for EVs to be used in shared mobility programs. Learn more >>
  • Up & Go Electric for Workplace: Employers and workplace facilities that employ and/or directly serve historically underrepresented communities are eligible for higher incentives for our customer-owned charger installation option. Learn more >>
  • Up & Go Electric for Fleet: Community-based organizations, Tribal entities, government agencies and BIPOC-owned small businesses that directly serve and/or benefit historically underrepresented communities may be eligible to receive additional technical advisory services and enchanted incentives on both electric vehicle service equipment and electric vehicles. Learn more >>
  • Up & Go Electric for Public: Businesses and communities whose sites directly serve and/or benefit historically underrepresented communities are eligible for enhanced incentives and services for the installation of a public charging station. Learn more>>
  • Up & Go Electric Home Charging: PSE residential electric customers with qualifying household incomes are eligible for a rebate of up to $600 on a Level 2 home charger and additional financial incentives to cover installation costs. Learn more>>
  • Empower Mobility eligibility

    PSE is committed to promoting equitable access to electric mobility. To be eligible for Empower Mobility incentives, customers must directly serve, house and/or employ historically underrepresented communities (also known as named communities). Named communities include both highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations.

    Highly impacted communities are census tracts designated by the Washington State Department of Health as a 9 or 10 on the Environmental Health Disparities Map or a community located in census tracts that are fully or partially on “Indian country” as defined in 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1151.

    Vulnerable populations are communities that experience a disproportionate cumulative risk from environmental burdens due to adverse socioeconomic factors, including disability, cardiovascular disease, low birth weight rates, higher rates of hospitalization, heat islands, arrearage/disconnections, access to digital/internet resources, access to food, access to health care, educational attainment level, estimated energy burden, historical red line influence, home care, housing burden, linguistic isolation, mental health/illness, poverty, race, renter vs owner, seniors with fixed income, transportation expenses and unemployment.

    The list of vulnerability factors and resulting mapping may change as PSE’s Clean Energy Implementation Plan evolves.

  • Community input

    To ensure the best outcomes for our customers, we gave our communities a seat at the design table. PSE is engaging with residents, community-based organizations, municipalities, government agencies and Tribal entities to better understand the barriers they may face in accessing transportation electrification and help remove those barriers and maximize their desired benefits.

    This feedback directly informs how we’re designing our Empower Mobility programs to help remove those barriers. Download our community engagement reports below.

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If you have questions about Empower Mobility incentives or eligibility – or other electric vehicle programs – email us at evprograms@pse.com.