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Our region’s demand for energy is growing, which can put stress on the electrical grid. Residential electric customers can help by voluntarily reducing energy usage on days when demand for electricity is forecasted to peak, known as “Flex events.” Flex events are part of PSE Flex, a collection of programs designed to ensure reliable energy access for all.

You may have received Flex event notifications via email, text or phone asking you to take simple steps to reduce energy usage on certain days during specific hours.

Why PSE Flex?

We’re using a combination of behavioral change and smart technology to maintain steady and efficient energy consumption during critical periods of high demand. Additionally, PSE Flex will play a pivotal role in our commitment to providing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. By participating, you’ll help us use more renewable energy sources like wind and solar in the future, as we start to shift our usage patterns to match their availability.

Want to take a more active role? You can earn money for reducing energy usage during Flex events. Learn more about Flex Smart, where PSE can automatically adjust the temperature set point of your thermostat with no action needed on your part. Or, learn about Flex Rewards, where you can be rewarded on how much electricity you save during Flex events.

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