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Have questions about PSE's Up & Go Electric EV charger programs? We're here to help. Call us at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or contact us below.

Host an EV charger

Increase your appeal to employees and tenants

With our multifamily and workplace pilot programs, there’s an easy, cost-effective way to provide fast and reliable electric vehicle charging.

  • Multifamily
    Improve the value of your property while attracting and retaining environmentally minded tenants.
  • Workplace
    Show innovation, reach sustainability goals, attract more candidates and improve employee satisfaction.

Participants in these pilot programs will:

  • Receive Level 2 smart charging stations and professional charger installation at no cost.
  • Maintain full control of who can use the stations and whether they pay for charging.
  • Pay only for the electricity used at the stations and any required signage and pavement striping.

Apply now

Ready to install charging stations at your workplace or multifamily residence? To apply, you must be a property owner or building/facilities manager. Follow these two steps for your property to be considered for the pilot program:

  1. Review the Service Agreement to understand the pilot program’s terms and conditions. (You’ll be asked to confirm you’ve read the Service Agreement when you apply.)
  2. Complete the application for your property and acknowledge the Service Agreement, indicating you understand the pilot program’s terms and conditions.

Am I eligible for the program?

PSE's Up & Go Electric multifamily and workplace charger pilot programs are ideal for property owners/managers or building/facilities managers who can dedicate shared parking stalls for tenant or employee EV charging. You may be eligible to participate if your property or residence:

  • Receives electric service from PSE
  • Agrees to program terms and conditions (Service Agreement)
  • Is able to dedicate shared parking stalls for EV charging
  • Can receive a cellular signal near the parking location
  • Has tenants or employees willing to take periodic surveys about their experience using the chargers
  • Has an electric service meter for common areas, also known as a “house meter,” not assigned to a specific resident (multifamily residences only)

Tenants or employees should work directly with their property/building management to apply. Looking for more information about driving electric and charging options? Visit pse.com/electriccars.

  • About the pilot programs

    These pilot programs are designed to help us understand the impacts of EV charging. PSE will use information from these pilots to bring programs and offers to our customers that support the growth of electric transportation in our region.

    Enrollment is limited to 50 workplaces and 25 multifamily residences. PSE will select participants based on project costs and to ensure a diverse mix of customers and property types across our service area.

    PSE will own the chargers and cover ongoing maintenance costs per the Service Agreement. Participants selected for the program will be enrolled for the duration of the five-year pilot program and can keep their charging stations upon completion.

  • How do I participate in the program?
    1. Submit an application and acknowledge the Service Agreement, indicating you understand the pilot program's terms and conditions. You must have the authority to make changes to the property's infrastructure.

    2. Schedule site evaluation. If your property meets the pilot program criteria, our service partner will contact you to schedule a site evaluation and prepare an installation proposal.

    3. PSE reviews the installation proposal. If the installation proposal is within pilot program costs and criteria, you’ll receive an email from our service partner with installation plans for your final approval.

    4. Schedule installation. Our service partner will take care of all necessary permits for the project and contact you to schedule installation dates and a pre-construction meeting once all permits are issued.

    5. Complete inspection. After the charger(s) have been installed, our service partner will schedule a final inspection with the city, which may require you to be on site. Note: Required signage and pavement striping must be completed before the final inspection is scheduled and chargers can be commissioned for use.

    6. Customize your software and charger needs. After the charger(s) have been installed, our service partner will help you set up the charger management software for your charging needs, including driver access and pricing (optional).

    7. Start charging! Notify your tenants and employees that the charger(s) are ready for use.
  • Learn more about EV charger pilots

    What kind of chargers will be installed at my property?

    • Workplace properties will receive installation of BTC 40A commercial charging stations. Multifamily properties will receive installation of EVBox Business Line 40A charging stations.
    • Both charging stations can provide most EVs with about 20 miles of range per hour of charging.
    • In some cases, PSE may consider installing "make-ready" wiring for additional charging stations to be installed more easily in the future.

    What information/data will be collected in the pilot and how will PSE use it?

    PSE will collect data on energy usage from the chargers, as well as information on pricing or any fees charged to users. This data will be aggregated and/or anonymized and used to help PSE understand the impacts of EV charging and inform future programs to support the growth of electric transportation in Washington.

    Can I participate in the program even if none of my tenants/employees currently drive an EV?

    Yes. If you're eligible, you're encouraged to apply even if few EVs park at your property. Often, tenants or employees who had been considering buying or leasing an EV will make the switch after gaining access to new chargers.

    What are my responsibilities as a participant?

    • You'll be required to have a representative with access to building electrical infrastructure on site during site evaluation and construction to coordinate with PSE's service partners on installation logistics.
    • If selected, you'll be responsible for the cost of updating any required parking lot striping and signage for the EV charging spaces. This typically ranges from $500 to $800 per EV parking space.
    • You'll pay for any electricity used at the chargers through your existing PSE electric account. This may increase your electricity bill by 65 to 75 cents per hour of charger use.
    • You'll have control over who has access to the chargers, when they can be used and how much drivers will pay to charge.
    • You'll be asked to help with regular surveys of employees and tenants regarding EV charging.

    What happens after I apply?

    PSE will review your application. If your property meets the program's criteria, your application will be referred to our service partner to schedule a site evaluation. During the evaluation, our service partner will review your parking area and electrical panel(s) to determine the best location for your new chargers and any upgrades that may be needed by your electrical infrastructure.

    If PSE accepts the design and cost proposal developed by our service partner, we'll approve your property for installation. At that point, our service partner will send you the preliminary design for your approval. Once you've approved the design, our service partner will begin securing all required permits and drawings needed for installation.

    The permitting process can take six to eight weeks or longer. Once our service partner has received all necessary permitting, they'll contact you to schedule installation.

    What's the installation process like?

    Our service partner will work with you to schedule installation at the earliest available date. Several days before installation, our service partner will hold an on-site meeting to review potential impacts to your facility and residents or employees (for example from staging or construction areas).

    Installation can take up to two weeks to complete, depending on the scope and complexity of the installation. Once your chargers are installed, our service partner will work with you to show you how to use the chargers and network software. Finally, our service partner will schedule and complete an inspection with the city or county, clean and return the site to its original state.

    What happens at the end of the five-year program?

    You can keep any and all chargers installed by PSE or have them removed if desired. PSE may offer to replace your chargers with newer models.

For more information or questions about the program, application and installation process, please contact an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or email evprograms@pse.com.