PSE COVID-19 Response

As a provider of an essential service, we are working to ensure we are here for our customers, our community and our employees as coronavirus impacts the region.

We know some of our business and residential customers might be worried about paying their bills. Here are measurable actions we’ve taken on behalf of our customers:

  • PSE will not be disconnecting customers for non-payment during this time.
  • During Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order, PSE will only respond to emergency and make-safe situations which require restoration of power or natural gas such as: outages, natural gas leaks/odors, and low-hanging wire. We will also be working to support the essential facilities and services as listed in Governor Inslee’s critical infrastructure throughout our community.
  • PSE will work with our customers on options such as payment plans and choosing a new bill due date.
  • PSE has an energy assistance portal to facilitate access to funds available to income qualified customers.
  • PSE is requiring our employees to maintain social distancing while working in the field. We encourage our customers to do the same when engaging with our employees.

PSE Covid-19 Response

Lease Services


PSE’s gas conversion burner rental service will end effective March 31, 2020. If you lease a gas conversion burner, you will receive a letter with details about the service ending and your options. We are here to help you understand your options and answer any questions.

You have two options with the service ending.

  1. Keep your conversion burner.  To take ownership, electronically sign the bill of sale document here, or sign and return the bill of sale document PSE has mailed to you.
  2. Have the conversion burner removed.  To schedule removal of the conversion burner please contact lease services at 1-800-421-7368.

For questions about the service ending, or to request a maintenance service appointment please contact or call us at 1-800-421-7368.

Puget Sound Energy’s Lease Services department supports customers with existing natural gas water heaters and conversion burners. Currently the program is not accepting new leases. However, we are committed in supporting our existing natural gas equipment lease customers with 24/7 emergency support, with ongoing repair and replacement services.

If your service with Puget Sound Energy includes a leased natural gas water heater or conversion burner for your furnace, most parts, repairs and replacements are covered by your Lease Agreement. We partner with Fast Water Heater Company to perform water heater replacements and removals.

We are open during after-hours for emergency support– no heat or leaking water heaters. Please contact our call center support team at 1-888-225-5773.

  • Support for leased equipment
    • You must be a current PSE residential electric or PSE natural gas*** customer.
    • No or little hot water
    • No or little heat from your conversion burner
    • Service or repair needed for your equipment (i.e. leaks, no hot water, code upgrades, etc.)
    • Replacement of your water heater with a new model. Note: Residential customers are eligible for a water heater replacement every 10 years. Contact Lease Services for details.
    • Selling your home and requesting to end the lease
      • Your leased equipment can be transferred to the new owner when you sell your home if it's agreed upon by both parties. To transfer your leasing contract, the buyer may contact Lease Services to verbally accept the lease or you may send us a completed Form 22D - Optional Clauses Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agreement which can be requested through your escrow agent. Please email with your name, service address, leased equipment number (if possible) and confirm you are the owner, to begin the transfer. If the buyer does not wish to take over the lease, then you may either pay off the depreciated value of the equipment or request to have the equipment removed (if the equipment has been installed for a minimum of 1 year).
    • Inquire Buy-out Price and End Lease  
      • The buy-out price depends on the depreciated value of the equipment at the time of request. By sending an email to with your name, service address, leased equipment number (if possible), with acknowledgement that you are the owner, we will send you a letter with the remaining value of the equipment and next steps to complete the process.
    • Returning your water heater to PSE
    • Inquiring about billing and payment options
      • To pay a bill and view the various payment options, please navigate to Ways to Pay. You will need your Contract Account number which should start with either 20XXXXXXX or 4000XXXX found in your billing invoice.
Current Rental Rates

The Summary document includes the effect of all supplemental rate schedules except Schedule 01, Municipal Tax Adjustment, where applicable.

View a specific rate schedule summary of itemized prices by selecting the service type (Electric / Natural Gas) and clicking on the current price summary and selecting the rate bookmarked in the left panel.

Tariffs pertaining to water heating equipment rental are listed below:

Contact information

Lease Services: 1-800-421-7368


Fax: 425-462-3418