As a provider of an essential service, we are working to ensure we are here for our customers, our community and our employees as coronavirus impacts the region.

With Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Washington county-by-county phased re-opening approach, PSE is gradually returning maintenance and construction crews back into the field and offices. PSE’s highest priority is the health and safety of our employees and communities. As such, we continue to adhere to current CDC guidance regarding COVID-19 while working in our community.

We are requiring our employees to maintain physical distancing while working in the field and offices. We encourage our customers to do the same when engaging with our employees.

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Guide to PSE’s military pay supplement

Employees can receive supplemental pay while on military leave for up to six months. The supplemental pay is the difference between the employee’s base wage and his/her military base pay. The base wage does not include overtime or incentive pay. Automatic deductions (such as car loan, home loan, etc.) will not be withheld from this supplemental pay.

In order to determine the supplemental pay amount, PSE must receive written proof of the military base pay amount received.

Supplemental pay calculations cannot be processed without this information. Supplemental payments are made on the same pay date as regular pay. PSE has two payroll periods:

  • Exempt – paid monthly. Pay cycle is the 16th of each month to the 15th of the following month. Employees receive payment on the 22nd of each month unless the 22nd falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case the payment will be received on the previous business day.
  • Non-exempt, IBEW represented and UA represented – paid bi-weekly. Pay cycle is for two weeks, Monday through Sunday. Employees receive payments on the following Friday unless the Friday is a holiday, in which case the payment will be received on the previous business day.

For timely supplemental pay processing, military pay stubs must be received by Leaves and Accommodations one week before the pay date indicated on the payroll calendar.


  • An exempt monthly-paid employee’s military pay stubs for Dec. 16-31, 2009, and Jan. 1-15, 2010, will be needed by Jan. 15, 2010 for the supplement to be paid on Jan. 22, 2010.
  • A non-exempt, IBEW represented or UA represented bi-weekly paid employee’s military paystubs for Jan. 1-15, 2010, will be needed by Jan. 22, 2010. As the military pay stub crosses from one PSE pay cycle onto the next (Dec. 28, 2009 – Jan. 10, 2010 and Jan. 11, 2010 - Jan. 24, 2010) the supplemental pay will be paid on Jan. 29, 2010. Military paystubs for Jan. 16-31, 2010, will be needed by Feb. 5, 2010, for the supplement to be paid on Feb. 12, 2010.

Quick contact

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact PSE’s Leaves and Accommodations Benefit Analyst:
Lillie Yates
425-462-3074 – direct dial phone
425-457-5793 – fax