As a provider of an essential service, we are working to ensure we are here for our customers, our community and our employees as coronavirus impacts the region.

With Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Washington county-by-county phased re-opening approach, PSE is gradually returning maintenance and construction crews back into the field and offices. PSE’s highest priority is the health and safety of our employees and communities. As such, we continue to adhere to current CDC guidance regarding COVID-19 while working in our community.

We are requiring our employees to maintain physical distancing while working in the field and offices. We encourage our customers to do the same when engaging with our employees.

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Pole inspection and maintenance program

Puget Sound Energy reliability project

Project updates

  • 2020 (YTD): Completed 28,659 distribution and 6,150 transmission pole inspections, and reinforced 642 poles across ten different county areas.
  • 2019: Completed 29,284 distribution and 2,684 transmission pole inspections, and reinforced 730 poles across ten different county areas.
  • 2018: Completed 30,000 distribution and 2,000 transmission pole inspections across eight different county areas.
  • 2017: Completed 19,642 pole inspections across eight different county areas.

Project overview

As part of PSE’s power pole inspection program, crews from Osmose Utilities, Inc. conducts routine inspections and testing on power poles across PSE’s service area. This routine maintenance work is required so PSE can assess the strength of the power poles to ensure continued safety and electric service reliability. In some cases, treatment or reinforcement may be necessary to extend the life of a pole.

Osmose Utilities, Inc. technicians are under contract with PSE and are authorized to perform pole inspection, treatment and reinforcement services. All Osmose technicians will carry photo identification and this PSE letter of authorization. When performing pole inspections, they will drive service vehicles with the Osmose logo on the vehicle doors. For more information about Osmose, please visit

Thank you for your patience during this important maintenance work. It’s our goal to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing disruptions to your neighborhood.

What property owners can expect

  • For poles that need to be inspected on private property, PSE will provide advanced notice  to affected property owners by leaving a door notification at homes and businesses. The door notification will include a date range for when the work is expected to be completed.
  • On the day the inspection will occur on your property, the crew will knock on your door before beginning the work.
    • If you are not present and the pole(s) can be safely accessed without your assistance, the crew will proceed with the work at that time.
    • If you are not present and the crew needs to work with you to gain safe access to the pole(s), a representative from PSE will connect with you to discuss access details.
  • The work is expected to take about 30 minutes to complete and should not impact your electric service. It’s our goal to leave the work area in the same condition in which we find it.

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