Puget Sound Energy project

Maxwelton/Langley Tap electric projects

2019 project updates

  • Craw Road undergrounding is scheduled to begin in spring 2019.
  • Langley 15/16 feeder tie is complete. A small amount of underground work will be completed by spring 2019.
  • Transmission line pole replacement from Langley to Maxwelton substations is substantially complete. The remainder of the transmission poles will be replaced in spring 2019.

Project overview

To increase reliability for our customers on south Whidbey Island, Puget Sound Energy constructed a new 25 megavolt amperes (MVA) substation in 2016. Several projects that complement the new substation include upgrading a section of our existing 115 kV transmission line (Langley 15/16 feeder extension), replacing aging poles on a transmission line from Langley to Maxwelton substations and undergrounding a section of distribution line along Craw Road.

Craw Road undergrounding

Underground a short section of existing overhead distribution line along Maxwelton Rd from the Craw Rd intersection across SR 525 to the Whidbey Island High School.

Langley 15/16 feeder extension

Upgrade the Langley 15/16 feeder extension, an existing single-phase low-voltage line, to a higher capacity three-phase line along Maxwelton Road south from Craw Road and extending onto French Road. This will provide additional capacity to allow the new substation to back up electric load normally served by Langley substation, and will greatly improve reliability of electrical service in Langley.

Langley Tap pole replacement

Replace the aging wooden poles of the Langley Tap, an existing transmission line currently running from the Langley substation, along SR-525, Midvale Road, Maxwelton Road and Craw Road to the new Maxwelton substation. Prior to construction, our vegetation management partner, Asplundh, will trim and remove vegetation as needed for safe construction.

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