Planned outages

Between August, 2019 and November, 2019, more outages are planned as we work to upgrade and improve the infrastructure at the Kendall substation. During these outages, which are expected to last five to eight hours each, PSE plans to deploy the battery in an automated fashion to prepare it for the upcoming storm season and improve its ability to respond to unplanned events.

UPDATE: PSE’s first planned outage on August 14 successfully islanded and returned the system to normal, four times, without any on-site intervention. This functionality is required to respond automatically to unplanned outages in the future, and it’s a big success for PSE’s Grid Modernization portfolio.

Next outage details

OVERNIGHT Wednesday, October 2
Up to eight (8) hours in duration
10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.
Maple Falls/Glacier areas
Project manager: Peter McKenzie
1-888-404-8773 |