Winter weather and high bills

Why is my bill high?

February 2019 was the snowiest month in Seattle in 50 years, and snowiest February since 1916. After historically low temperatures, we want to make sure you know about resources that are available if you receive a higher than normal energy bill this month, as a result of the record-breaking winter weather in the region.

When temperatures drop into the 30s or below, your heating system works harder to maintain the set temperature, even if it wasn’t adjusted, and therefore uses much more energy to keep your home warm and comfortable. Ultimately, because we heat our homes more in the winter, energy bills will naturally be higher.

Billing options and payment assistance

Budget Payment Plan

Spread your energy costs over a 12-month period. Learn more about the Budget Payment Plan.


Payment arrangements

Pay your bills in smaller, multiple payments over time. Sign in or create an account to see if you're eligible.


Change bill due date

Request the date range that works for you by selecting a new bill due date on the settings page.


Bill payment and weatherization assistance

PSE offers bill payment and weatherization assistance for income-eligible customers.