Multifamily Retrofit

Energy-efficient upgrades for condos, townhomes and managed properties

What you get

We offer rebates and grants to offset the cost of in-unit and common area upgrades that improve energy efficiency and can lower your utility bills.

Properties within Tribal Communities, built before 1986, with tenants that use rental assistance, or those classified as "affordable" or "mixed (market/affordable)" qualify for the highest amounts.

Individual condo and townhome owners also qualify for this program. See if you qualify for higher rebates based on your income here.

Browse the table below, and then use our rebate menu to see exact measures and rebate amounts.

Free upgrades Customers may qualify for free energy- and water-saving upgrades.
Space heat Save hundreds on heat pumps, furnaces and boilers.
Windows Get up to $35 per square foot for new windows and sliding glass doors.
To learn more, read our case study.
Thermostats Receive up to $75 back on smart, digital and line-voltage thermostats.
Weatherization Get rebates on insulation and ventilation, plus up to 100% of
air-sealing costs covered. Watch our video or
read our case study
 to learn more about air-sealing.
Lighting We cover up to 90% of common area and in-unit lighting upgrades. Download our lighting application.
Water heat We rebate new water heaters for customers with natural gas water heating.
Appliances Get money back on ENERGY STAR dryers and front-load washers. Plus, rebates for heat pump dryers.
Custom projects Pursue a custom, energy-saving projects, such as a central boiler,
and get up to 70% of costs covered.

If you’re interested in taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency, try Strategic Energy Management, a program that helps you save energy by improving operational and maintenance practices and analyzing data. Learn more.

How you qualify

Each Multifamily Retrofit project begins with a free eligibility assessment. You must meet the following criteria to qualify for the program:

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If you do retrofit work on multifamily properties and are interested in being a PSE Trade Ally, send us an email and we’ll contact you.

If you are constructing a new multifamily or mixed-use property, visit the Multifamily new construction webpage.

If your property has four or fewer attached units, check out Rebates & offers for single-family properties.

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