Puget Sound Energy electric distribution project

Bainbridge Island electric system improvements

2018 project updates

  • For more information about PSE on Bainbridge Island, visit the PSE Bainbridge website at pse.com/bainbridge.
  • For more information on current electric system projects on Bainbridge Island, visit the current project page on pse.com/bainbridge.

Project overview

For decades, PSE has served our neighbors in the Bainbridge community, and we are committed to powering the Island far into the future.

PSE works continuously to maintain the Bainbridge electric system. Being an island is one of the biggest challenges to reliability because there is no surrounding system to support the island's infrastructure. The combination of high winds, winter storms and tall trees mean trees are the #1 cause of outages on the Island.

Since 2011, we have spent $21 million on improvements to the Island's electric system. As part of our commitment to provide Bainbridge Island customers with safe, dependable and efficient electric service, we continue to conduct distribution reliability projects across the Island.

For more information about completed and future distribution reliability projects, visit pse.com/bainbridge.

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