Electric fuel vehicles 

Charging at home can be as simple as connecting your EV to a standard 120-volt outlet. For faster charging though, you may want to consider installing a charging station. By installing a Level 2 (240-volt) charging station you can greatly shorten the time needed for charging, ensuring you’ll have a full battery when charging overnight.

Level 2 charging stations are four to six times faster than using a standard home outlet, but their higher electrical capacity also requires the installation of a dedicated circuit. Contact a licensed electrician or certified specialist for installation.


$500 Rebates on Level 2 Chargers

For a limited time PSE is offering our customers a $500 rebates on qualified Level 2 chargers when you get a new electric vehicle. To learn more, see Rebate Qualifications.

Rebate Qualifications                       

Electric vehicles are affordable and lower emissions

Electric vehicles offer both lower prices and lower emissions than gasoline or diesel vehicles. For more on available electric vehicles, fuel cost calculators and emission savings at afdc.energy.gov/fuels/electricity.html.


Charging ahead at home and on the go

In addition to charging at home, public charging stations are available throughout the region. Visit afdc.energy.gov/locator/stations/ for a map of public charging stations.