Industrial System Optimization Program

Receive an energy grant for optimizing your industrial systems

If your business site performs manufacturing or processing, or its subsystems maintain long run-hours, PSE's Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP) can help you find and perform energy efficiency improvements that lower your bills. You can also earn a valuable incentive to help cover the cost.

What you get

For qualifying industrial customers, PSE's ISOP team hosts a two part energy audit: an inital scoping meeting and a site deep-dive. After these events, PSE will work with you to create a list of low- or no-cost action items, and will provide an estimate of the annual cost and energy savings for each item. Once you have implemented these changes, PSE will track facility energy consumption to evaluate energy savings. PSE provides incentives based on energy savings achieved up to 100% of eligible costs.

How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE's Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP):

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric service area and use electricity from PSE.
  • Your business site must be considered industrial, which often (but not always) means either:
    • The majority of its electric load is associated with processing or manufacturing, or;
    • Its subsystems maintain long run-hours, rely on industry-standard technology and keep relatively stable control setpoints and loads.
  • Sites whose principal use is office or retail are almost always not eligible for this program.

Implementation incentive requirements:

  • Only costs for recommended action items that you completed at your business site during or following the Optimization Event are eligible for this incentive. Any large expenses (over $5,000) must be pre-approved by PSE in order to be considered an eligible cost through this program.
  • You must provide PSE's ISOP team with conditional site data concerning variables that may cause fluctuations in energy use at your business site (e.g., labor hours, production data, shifts, etc.)
  • You must submit an action item completion report containing documentation for all incentive-eligible costs, including but not limited to:
    • Materials/equipment invoices
    • Internal labor costs
    • Contracted labor costs

For help verifying your qualifications, call an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Have a question on whether your facility would qualify for the ISO Program? Contact the Industrial Energy Management group at

How you apply

To get pre-approved, complete this retrofit grant application and submit to PSE in one of two ways: .

Additional information

If you qualify for PSE's Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP), you may receive some or all of the following:

  • Hands-on guidance throughout the process from PSE's ISOP Team.
  • Optional performance tracking systems (PTS)—hardware or software add-ons that deliver energy usage data for your high-energy-usage equipment or industrial subsystems that don't have built-in energy tracking.
  • An action plan report, which includes:
    • A listing of low-cost/no-cost action items that your staff completed with PSE's ISOP team during your Optimization Event, with estimated yearly cost and energy savings for each measure.
    • Recommended low-cost/no-cost action items for you to perform after your Optimization Event, with estimated yearly cost and energy savings for each measure.
    • Recommended capital energy project opportunities, should you decide to invest more heavily in energy efficiency upgrades for your business site in the future. Information about your business site's energy usage, including overall percentages by equipment category (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, etc.).

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Ask an Energy Advisor

For more information about the Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP), email the Industrial Energy Management group at

For personalized advice, contact an Energy Advisor.

Case studies

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The PSE Industrial System Optimization Program (ISOP) has helped industrial customers throughout the Puget Sound region make low-cost changes that improve the efficiency of their facility.

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