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Kenmore electric system improvements

2018 project updates

In an ongoing effort to deliver safe and reliable energy to you and your neighbors, PSE upgraded sections of the electrical system in north Kenmore in 2017. The completed projects are:

  • Circuit KNM-23: Crews replaced older electric wire with tree wire along NE Arrowhead Dr between Juanita Dr NE and 61st Ave NE. Tree wire is a specially coated, overhead wire that's designed to prevent an outage when a branch falls into a power line.
  • Circuit KNM-26: Crews replaced older electric wire with tree wire and relocated the distribution line away from private property to NE 198th St between 68th Ave NE and 62nd Ave NE.
  • Circuit KNM-27: Crews replaced older electric wire with tree wire along 185th St between 68th Ave NE and 61st Ave NE.


As part of PSE’s commitment to providing Kenmore customers with safe, dependable electric service, in 2016 and 2017, we installed a series of distribution reliability projects (listed below)..

In 2018, we will continue to strengthen the system by automating two distribution circuits at the Inglemoor Substation. Through automation, these circuits will be operated remotely, eliminating the need for servicemen to patrol the line for damage. This will greatly reduce outage duration for customers.

Electric system improvements in 2017

  1. Circuit KNM-26 has been a low performing circuit for many years. The main issue is much of the distribution line is not on the public right-of-way and very difficult to access for repair. This distribution line was upgraded
  2. Circuit KNM-27 – distribution line along NE 185th St between 68th Ave NE and 61st Ave NE was upgraded to tree wire.
  3. Circuit KNM-23 – distribution line along NE Arrowhead Drive between Juanita Drive NE and 61st Ave NE was upgraded to tree wire.

2016 electric system improvements

  1. PSE is beginning to install automated distribution switches in certain areas of our service area to test the technology. Installed along Juanita Drive NE and north of NE 145th Street to automatically detect damage and restore power to customers within seconds.
  2. New overhead switches were installed on NE 185th Street to allow crews to restore power to customers more quickly.
  3. A new recloser was installed on NE 195th Street. This work will help prevent some customers from experiencing an outage, test the circuit automatically to quickly restore power, and sectionalize the circuit to reduce restoration time.
  4. Another new recloser was installed on NE 169th Street, providing the above benefits to the area.
  5. Distribution line was converted to underground line along State Route 522, east of 83rd Ave NE. This joint project with the City of Bothell will improve reliability for Kenmore residents living downstream of our lines along Bothell Way, near Simonds Road.
  6. The Moorlands-Vitulli transmission line upgrade was also completed in 2016. Crews rebuilt 5-miles of transmission line with a higher-capacity 115 kV line between the Moorlands substation in Kenmore and the Vitulli substation in Bothell. This upgrade will provide more reliable electric service to the Kenmore and Bothell areas.

For more information about completed and future distribution reliability projects:

RaeLynn Asah
Supervisor, Municipal Relations