PSE Up & Go Electric

EV Basics

It’s easier than ever to switch to an electric vehicle. We’re here to help you understand the costs and benefits of going electric.

Electric Vehicle Guide

Compare models and discover how much money you can save by going electric.
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Owning an EV

Understand what it’s like to drive, own and maintain an electric vehicle.
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Charging an EV

Learn how to charge an electric vehicle and the types of charging available.
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EV Drivers

For customers who’ve already made the switch, we have options for charging on the go and support for at-home charging, too.

Charging with PSE

PSE is bringing reliable EV charging to where you live, work and drive.
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When you charge matters

It’s better for the environment and electrical grid to charge your EV overnight.
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Go Electric

Whether you want to electrify your fleet or install charging for your tenants and employees, we can help with expertise and incentives.

Up & Go Electric for Fleet

Empowering businesses, municipalities and more with electrifying their fleets.
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Up & Go Electric for Multifamily

Bringing charging to multifamily properties to attract new residents and keep existing ones.
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Up & Go Electric for Workplace

Bringing charging to workplaces so employees can electrify their commutes.
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