Telecommunications Efficiency Program

Optimize your telecommunications facility’s energy usage with a grant from PSE

PSE's Telecommunications Efficiency Program (TEP) helps your medium and large telecommunications facilities identify and implement energy efficiency improvements that lower your energy bills. Additionally, valuable kilowatt-hour (kWh) incentives are available to help you recover your improvement costs.

What you get

If you qualify for TEP, you may receive the following:

  • Hands-on guidance throughout the process (e.g., no-cost audit, identify energy saving measures, etc.)
  • An action plan report highlighting:
    • Recommendations for capital energy projects, should you decide to invest in future energy efficiency upgrades
    • Information about your facility’s energy usage by equipment category (e.g., lighting, HVAC, etc.)


Upon successful completion of the TEP requirements, the incentives are:

Capital projects
Electric$0.40 per verified kWh saved

Low-cost/no-cost projects
Electric$0.05 per verified kWH saved

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How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE’s TEP grants:

  • Your facility must be within PSE's electric service area and must be a current PSE electric customer
  • Your facility must operate as a telecommunications company with the majority of your electric load associated with cellular, fiber optics and/or internet services
  • Facilities whose principal location is for office or retail use usually do not qualify for this program
  • Your facility must be pre-approved by PSE prior to the installation of all energy efficiency improvement measures

For assistance verifying your qualifications, contact the Telecommunications group at

How you apply

To get pre-approved, please submit your completed Custom Grant Application form to

Additional information

Implementation requirements to receive incentives:

  • You must provide conditional facility data concerning variables that may cause energy usage fluctuation at your facility (e.g., labor hours, outage data, etc.)
  • You must submit an action item completion report documenting all incentive-eligible costs, including, but not limited to, materials/equipment invoices, internal labor costs and contracted labor costs


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