Generating your own power

By producing your own renewable energy you can lower your electric costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more at the links below:

Interested customers

Net Metering and other incentives

Net Metering helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy with energy you generate at home. Your power can be generated with solar, wind, biogas and other eligible renewable resources. State and Federal incentives may also be available to you.


Customer Connected Solar Existing

Existing customers

The net metering policy for Washington state is designed to let customer-generators offset their electricity consumption with solar energy production on an annual basis. If you use more energy than you produce during a given bill period, then you pay PSE for your net purchase, plus the basic service charge.


Find resources and guidelines for solar contractors and installers. Please remember that all customer generation system applications and schematics must be approved by PSE before a system is installed. Learn more. »


PSE System Diagram Guide
PSE Commercial Electric Service Handbook
PSE Residential Electric Service Handbook
PowerClerk Interconnection Application Portal

PSE Rate Schedules:

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