Grid Modernization

Transforming our grid for a better energy future

What is Grid Modernization? For PSE, it means taking a holistic approach to updating and improving our infrastructure to create a grid that's reliable, resilient, and flexible. Above all, it also needs to be safe and designed to meet our customers' unique energy needs and expectations.

The process for creating a modernized grid means investing in new equipment, installing new software and communication platforms, testing and deploying new technology, and empowering customers with tools to make their own energy choices. Some of our grid modernization programs, like Distribution Automation and Demand Response, utilize smart technology, while others provide structural improvements and support the overall health of our system.

TOGETHER, they're creating a better energy future.

Battery storage

Battery Storage

Batteries offer exciting solutions for a variety of energy challenges. See how we’re testing and installing them.

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Conservation Voltage Reduction

Conservation Voltage Reduction

CVR optimizes voltage so we can operate more efficiently and better respond to periods of high demand.

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Demand Response

Demand Response

DR gives PSE and customers flexible ways to decrease demand on the grid during times of peak use.

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Self Healing

Distribution Automation

DA helps us detect and address outages more quickly, decreasing the overall time customers are without power.

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Grid Modernization video

What is Grid Modernization?

See how we're using innovative technology to make the grid smarter, greener and more reliable.

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Other initiatives

More Grid Modernization Initiatives

From Smart Street Lighting and Electric Vehicles to our exciting Living Lab projects.