Commercial new construction incentives

Earn PSE incentives for buildings and equipment that exceed energy code

Earn incentives for incorporating energy efficient equipment and efficient design strategies into your new construction building.

What you get

The total value of your new construction grant depends on your estimation approach, which a PSE Energy Management Engineer (EME) can help you choose.

Grant estimation approach

Energy modeled whole building
Electric$0.40 per annual kWh
Natural gas$6 per annual therm
SavingsNo maximum

Grant applies to equipment and installation. Savings compared to code-baseline or standard practice system.

EUI performance method
Electric$0.40 per annual kWh
Natural gas$6 per annual therm
SavingsNo maximum

Grant applies to whole building performance savings beyond a baseline EUI as measured by 12 months metered consumption.

Lighting power density reduction
$0.25 per annual kWh savings, plus an additional $0.10/kWh for installing controls in spaces not required by code. Lighting must be
5 percent more efficient than the current WSEC.*
No maximum

$75 bonus in addition to the $0.25 per kWh of projected fixture annual energy savings.**
No maximum

TLEDs do not qualify for the NC Lighting Power Density reduction program, and they should be incentivized via PSE’s Lighting To Go program. *Grant applies to all lighting except residential in-unit. **Grant applies to interior LLLC fixtures and their installation.

Prescriptive incentives/rebates
Standard PSE incentives available for various systems of business sites in construction
Contact your PSE representative for details

Grant applies to commercial kitchen, laundry and HVAC

Custom approach
Electric$0.40 per annual kWh
Natural gas$6 per annual therm
SavingsUp to 100 percent of the cost to build beyond current energy code or standard practice

Grant applies to energy-efficient equipment that saves energy above WSEC. Incentive amount compared to code-baseline or standard practice system, subject to PSE cost-effectiveness standards. Examples include condensing boilers, heat recovery, demand control ventilation, etc.

Post-occupancy building commissioning
$0.35/sq. ft. for third-party, post-occupancy building commissioning per current energy code that are served by all of PSE services. For PSE electric only customers, the incentive is $0.25/sq. ft. For PSE gas only customers, the incentive is $0.15/sq. ft.
Up to 75 percent of commissioning agent's post-occupancy fees

Grant applies to post-occupancy commissioning fees only.

How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE's Commercial New Construction Program:

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric and/or gas service area.
  • Your business site must be for commercial or industrial use.
  • The project must be in the design or construction phase.
  • The project must be reviewed by PSE staff before a grant is guaranteed.

Not sure which option is best for you?
Submit an application and a PSE EME will assist you with the grant process.

How you apply

If you know which option you'd like to pursue, submit the following in an email along with your application:

Requirements Documentation
to Submit
Energy modeled whole building approach
  • Building must be at least 50,000 square feet with a proposed energy model*
  • Must save 10 percent compared to permitted code

*Some exceptions permitted at PSE’s discretion
  • Proposed energy model (follow PSE modeling guidelines)
  • Permitted WSEC
  • Mechanical, lighting, and architectural building plans
  • Narrative of proposed energy efficiency measures that exceed code
  • Narrative of any irregularities in energy model
PSE Energy Modeling Guidelines
EUI performance method
  • Building type must be included on the Department of Commerce target EUI list (see program details)
  • Must save 10 percent compared to the Department of Commerce baseline EUI
  • Building types
  • Building gross square footage (if mixed use provide SF for each building type)
  • List of proposed energy efficiency measures that exceed code
  • May not participate in PSE’s Post Occupancy Commissioning Program
EUI Performance Method Program Details
Lighting power density reduction
  • Lighting must be 5 percent more efficient than the current WSEC
  • All proposed lighting must be included EXCEPT residential in-unit
  • TLEDs do not qualify, but can be incentivized via PSE’s Lighting to Go program
  • PSE Business Lighting Workbook
  • Square footage verification (building plans)
  • Proposed fixture cut sheets (must show UL or ETL listing, Power Factor greater than or equal to 0.90, warranty of at least 5 years, and total input wattage)
PSE Business Lighting Workbook
Custom approach (non-lighting)
  • Equipment must exceed the current WSEC requirements
  • Project must meet PSE’s cost-effectiveness standards
  • Proposed equipment cost estimate
  • Equivalent code required minimum efficiency equipment cost estimate
  • Estimated savings if available
  • Proposed equipment spec sheet
Examples include condensing boilers, heat recovery, demand control ventilation, high efficiency HVAC, etc.

Additional information

PSE has additional incentives for multi-family, single family, and manufactured homes. Visit our new construction grants page for more information.

A PSE EME will review your application and coordinate meetings between PSE and your team to review design decisions and project specifics. Your project's design details are reviewed so PSE can determine your eligibility, make energy efficiency recommendations, and estimate your grant value.

Post-occupancy commissioning

For post-occupancy commissioning, your program must be developed and tracked using the following forms:

Once a firm energy efficiency improvement plan is reached, you'll execute a grant agreement with PSE and build your project. When construction is completed, an EME will inspect the site to verify energy efficiency gains and finalize the value of your grant.

Then, prepare the following:

  • Signed copies of your equipment and labor invoices, with grant-eligible items and quantities circled
  • A signed and completed Tax Identification Form (W-9)
  • Any other documentation your agreement requires

For post-occupancy commissioning, system and energy details may be submitted using the following forms:

Submit these documents using one of the estimation approaches above. You don't need to resend your application form.

If you have any questions, call an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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