PSE Foundation helps local organizations prepare for disaster

BELLEVUE, Wash. (3/2/2021) The Puget Sound Energy Foundation awarded a grant to Vashon Center for the Arts (VCA) to help them prepare for a major disaster.


Identified as a key emergency shelter, the PSE Foundation provided $50,000 to the VCA towards the purchase of a high-capacity generator, which has now been installed.

As part of the Vashon Emergency Management Response Plan, VCA is a resource for the community to be used as the backup shelter in addition to the Vashon Island High School. VCA also acts as the Community Emergency Surge Location for critical services management.

“VCA is so excited to see our generator project reach completion. After many years, and with PSE Foundation’s patience and support, VCA was able to purchase an emergency generator and have it fully installed in late November,” said Allison Halstead Reid, VCA Executive Director. “When our new campus was built in 2015, it was always our intention to be a backup emergency shelter for our community. PSE Foundation’s grant program provided the financial resources to turn this idea into a reality! Not only can we be the “center” for arts on the island, but we can be a critical support provider to our community should the need arise.”

PSE Foundation launched a $1 million, five year campaign in 2015 to outfit locations with high-capacity generators to 18 regional nonprofit organizations that serve a critical role for their communities as emergency shelters or food distribution centers. The generators are designed to be used during emergencies, such as an earthquake.

The generators -- targeted to low income, vulnerable locations -- will support key responders in the Puget Sound Energy service area, including warming shelters and food distribution centers. Over the last five years, PSE Foundation awarded $200,000 each year for the allocation of generators.

“PSE is continuously doing our part to prepare, so providing high-powered generators to community organizations that are also committed to helping others, is living out our company’s value to do what’s right,” said Andy Wappler, PSE Foundation chairman and president. “Our mission is to help keep our communities safe in case of an emergency or when a disaster hits our region.”

The Puget Sound Energy Foundation is dedicated to keeping our communities safe and prepared where PSE serves and operates. The PSE Foundation is a nonprofit organization that operates independently of Puget Sound Energy. None of the funds will ever come from PSE’s utility customers.



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Puget Energy, the parent company of Puget Sound Energy, created the Puget Sound Energy Foundation in 2006 to continue its legacy of leadership and support of worthy, community-based programs. The foundation makes charitable contributions to qualifying 501(c) (3) nonprofits to help support personal safety and emergency preparedness and environmental sustainability within PSE’s service territory and in other areas where the utility produces or purchases energy in the Pacific Northwest. None of the Puget Sound Energy Foundation funds come from utility customers. Visit for more information.

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