Puget Sound Energy transmission line project

Lake Hills-Phantom Lake 115 kV transmission line

Project updates

  • The new Lake Hills-Phantom Lake 115 kV transmission line was energized on August 21 and is now serving customers in Bellevue. We thank the Bellevue community for its patience during line construction.
  • PSE is working with the City of Bellevue to complete the landscape restoration phase of the project. Starting in spring 2021, we’ll plant trees and vegetation to replace those that were removed along the project route. We’re also collaborating with Bellevue community organizations to repurpose some of the trees that were removed into benches and tables.
  • Construction phases:
    • Phase 1: Vegetation removal (Winter/Spring 2020) (complete)
    • Phase 2: Pole and wire installation (Spring/Summer2020) (complete)
    • Phase 3: Landscaping and restoration (Spring/Fall 2021)

For information about the project and our plans for replanting, review our Planning and Planting for the Future brochure.

Planning and planting for the future (PDF)

Project schedule

Winter 2020 Vegetation removal
Spring - Summer 2020 Pole and wire installation
Spring - Fall 2021 Landscaping and site restoration

Project overview

The electric system previously serving the Lake Hills neighborhood of Bellevue had limited reliability, increasing the possibility of outages for customers. PSE's Lake Hills and Phantom Lake substations were served radially, which means they were each served by one transmission line.

If the one transmission line serving a substation went out, the substation and the customers served by that substation lost power.

To help solve these problems, PSE built a new transmission line between the Lake Hills and Phantom Lake substations. The transmission line travels along NE 8th St and 148th Ave SE, ending at SE 16th St.

The new transmission line creates a "loop", which means the Lake Hills substation is connected to two transmission lines. If one line goes out, the other line will still feed the substation and provide power to customers. This project increases overall system reliability and allows for better use of existing facilities for customers.

Additionally, three line switches were installed on SE 16th Street, which open and close as needed to keep power flowing to the Phantom Lake substation – a significant reliability improvement. In the future, a new segment of 115 kV line will be installed from the switch location to the Phantom Lake substation, completing the loop to the Phantom Lake substation. The timing of this work will be coordinated with the City of Bellevue, which is planning a future public improvement project along SE 16th St. PSE plans to postpone construction of the segment of line along SE 16th St so we can collaborate with the city on design and construction for their project and ours. We believe this plan allows us to minimize construction impacts to neighbors along SE 16th St, as they will be limited to one construction timeframe rather than two. The timeline for the city’s project is not yet determined.

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