Integrated resource plan

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) plans years in advance to ensure we have the supply and infrastructure necessary to deliver clean, safe and reliable energy. PSE is now kicking off its 2023 Electric Progress Report and 2023 Gas Utility Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) process.

An IRP is a 20-plus year view of PSE’s energy resource needs, which is developed through a planning process that evaluates how a range of potential future outcomes could affect PSE’s ability to meet our customers’ electric and natural gas supply needs. The analysis considers policies, costs, economic conditions and the physical energy systems, and proposes the starting point for making decisions about what resources may be procured in the future.

PSE’s latest IRP was filed with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission on April 1, 2021 and provided the foundation for PSE’s first Clean Energy Implementation Plan.

2023 Electric Progress Report and 2023 Gas Utility IRP

In 2022, PSE will develop its 2023 Electric Progress Report and 2023 Gas Utility IRP. These reports are important tools for helping PSE reach its aspirational goal of being a Beyond Net Zero Carbon energy company by 2045.

Engaging stakeholders in the development of these reports is important to PSE. Learn more about these reports and how you can participate.


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